How to Retrieve Shift Deleted Files in Windows 10?

When a file or folder is deleted with Shift + Delete keys from Windows 10 computer, they are not permanently removed from your system. When the files and folders are deleted with Shift Delete keys, Windows simply sets the data files to be unrecognized by changing one character in the file table. It indicates that the deleted files are recoverable with the help of powerful and trusted data recovery tool. Those deleted files are recoverable unless you have not stored any new files in the memory space of the deleted files. So, it is strictly advised to stop using the drive from which the files are deleted and make use of Remo Recover tool to restore shift deleted files Windows 10 PCs.

Tool to recover shift deleted files Windows 10:

Remo Recover is a perfect recovery program to recover shift deleted files Windows 10, as it is safe, powerful, and easy-to-use. This tool enables you to recover files after emptying recycle bin, shift deletion, etc. with much ease. No matter, whether the deleted files are documents, PowerPoint presentation files, excel sheets, videos, images, music files, etc., it retrieves them within a couple of clicks. To recover all these files after shift deletion, all you need to do is, just download and install the free demo edition of this software and run on your Windows system. With its sophisticated scanning algorithms, it scans and recovers all the deleted files in few easy-to-execute steps. Once the recovery process is completed, it allows you to view the recoverable files with its inbuilt “Preview” button

Benefits of using Remo Recover tool:

  1. With Remo Recover utility, one can easily retrieve deleted or lost files from external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, etc.
  2. Supports recovery of files from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, damaged, broken, and inaccessible storage devices.
  3. It can create a disk image of the drive to bypass the bad sectors and recovers the files later to ensure safe and secure data recovery.
  4. Works well with Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, etc.
  5. Save recovery session feature in demo edition avoids you from rescanning your drive again while running the complete version, as by opening recovery session, you can save the recovered files at your desired location.
  6. Restores files from hard drive having file systems like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, and NTFS5

Follow these tips to avoid loss or deletion of data:

  1. Maintain a legitimate backup of the important files and folders, so that in the case of data loss, you can retrieve them from a backup copy.
  2. Before emptying the recycle bin folder, make sure that it does not contain any of your crucial files. And while deleting files with Command Prompt or Shift Delete keys, make sure that you have not chosen important files.

Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Drive

When you find your hard drive has stopped working and fail to boot, then it is a clear indication that the drive is damaged. You can’t access the files stored on the drive in such condition. There are many reasons behind the damage of the hard disk drive. The most important ones are listed below:

  1. File system corruption: Usually hard drives support more than one file system. On windows systems, one can format the drive with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or EXFAT file system. At times, while converting the file system of a drive from FAT to NTFS or vice versa you might end up corrupting the existing file system. As a result of this, the entire drive gets damaged that leads to loss of your valuable files.
  2. Application malfunction: Program files are a set of instructions based on which computer performs tasks. If there are any errors in these program files, then application malfunctioning can occur resulting in the damage of the hard drive.
  3. Boot sector corruption: Boot sector is an important part of a hard drive that holds Master Boot Record and Partition table, which is necessary for booting the system. If these sectors get corrupt or damaged due to invalid code, then the entire drive can get damaged.
  4. Other reasons: Severe virus infection, physical damage to the hard drive like read/write head crash, overheating, aging of the hard drive, etc. are the other reasons behind damage of hard drive.

When you get hints of the hard drive getting damaged then try to recover files from it before it completely stops working. You can try to retrieve data off damaged hard drive by simply connecting it to a healthy system as a secondary drive. Retrieve the files that are accessible on the other system and safeguard at least some files. After connecting the damaged hard drive to a healthy system, go to command and run CHKDSK Utility by giving the command CHKDSK <drive letter> /f /r you can extract the data from the damaged drive. In case, if you are unable to retrieve data off a damaged hard drive with this method, then the last option is to go for professional data recovery software to get back lost data.

Retrieve data off damaged hard drive using Remo Recover software:

data recovery software for PCRemo Recover is an advanced and professional data recovery tool that assists you to safely get data off damaged hard drive. It can extract files such as images, videos, music files, documents, and much more with utmost ease. The benefit of using this software is that it can create a disk image of the damaged drive and later recovers entire data from it in few easy steps. Moreover, it permits its users to evaluate it before purchasing by providing free demo version. Once the recovery process is finished, the demo version allows you to view the recovered files with its inbuilt “Preview” button. Meanwhile, it also allows you to save the entire recovery process in demo edition itself with its “Save Recovery Session” feature, which helps you in resuming the recovery session anytime you want. Therefore, using “Open Recovery Session” option you can save the recovered files at your destination place without rescanning the hard drive again.

Tutorial to Rescue your System from Ransomware

My computer is infected by Ransomware virus. As a result of which computer is asking for bitcoins in order to access the files. I want to get rid-off this issue as soon as possible. However, I done system restore but the problem still persist in my computer.

Ransomware is a virus or malware program which install on victim’s hardware. It does not allow user to access data stored in the system and ask to pay in order to decrypt the files. The malware simply locks the data so that it difficult to reverse for even technically sound person. Moreover, it demands money to access files from system. It is really annoying for users when there is such attack on system. Don’t worry, we are here with solution to fix the ransomware issue:

Known Ransomware Programs: CryptoLocker, Torrent Locker, Alpha Crypt, Coin Vault and Bit Crypt

The operating system and type of computer also makes difference. The Ransomware are prone to Windows based system but now it is observed Mac and Android users are also targeted with same issue. In case of Windows, the malware programs affects the MBR (Master Boot Record). However, it is easy to remove some malware but some are tenacious. You can easily remove “ScareWare” malware from system which states that “Your laptop is locked by local police or FBI”. In order to remove such virus from system, first you forcefully close the Brower using task manager. Then run antivirus tool to remove malware programs from laptop.

In case of tenacious malware programs, the Master File Table or entire hard drive gets affected. The MFT (Master File Table) keep the information about all the sectors on the hard drive. It even keeps track of each bits of file stored on which sector. In case the master file table is encrypted then install software to recover deleted files from computer with ease.

Precautions to avoid ransomware attack on system

  • Always install and run reliable antivirus tool on your system. Update the antivirus software at the regular interval so as to minimize the chances of virus infection.
  • Keep proper backup of all files so that you are in winning position. In case of any disaster, you can easily replace the deleted or encrypted file with the new ones.
  • Such problems may be associated with Windows, Mac, Android and Linux systems so be prepared with the backup on all types of computers.

8 Problems which Slow Down your Computer

Let us discuss the 8 problems which slow down your computer and solution to fix it:

Multiple programs running at a same time:

We agree that, we need computer to perform many tasks, but when we perform many tasks at once on your computer then it hinges your RAM which switch processing from one program to other program and so on then your computer becomes slow when you perform multiple programs at a time. So it is better you run one program after another.

Hard drive is almost full:

When your computer hard drive is almost 90-95% full then your computer becomes slow due to insufficient memory so it is better to add the files to cloud and recover data unbootable hard drive. If you have 50 % of free space then you computer won’t become slow while performing operation on your pc.

Browser has too many add – ons:

Usually people think that because of virus or malware issue the system becomes slow but even if you have more plug-in or add-ons which is available for free download on your browser then due to download of more plug-ins your computer become slow so it is better to remove the unwanted add-ons on your browser then your computer won’t become slow.

You have opened many tabs in browser:

When you open a tab and search for particular thing on your browser and same thing you open another tab to search some other thing, similarly when you open many tab on your computer then your browser gets freezes or computer gets slow down when your RAR gets affected due to many tabs starts loading at a same time.

Virus issue on your system:

Virus is the dangerous program which makes program stop to work when it affects your computer. Because of this virus your files and applications present in computer gets infected with virus program and your computer becomes slow. To fix this issue you need to install the antivirus program on your computer and scan the entire system and remove the threads.

Computer is too old:

When you purchase the new computer then your system will be running in speed because of empty drive and new programs but when your computer become very old and still you are use same application then your computer become slow so it’s better to change the computer.

System has outdated drives:

The drives and application which has been installed on your system should be frequently updated time to time, in case you won’t perform it then your computer becomes slow so that you face irritated to work on your system.

Keeping many files on your system:

If you keep on saving many files on your computer system then your hard drive and RAR of the computer become files so that your computer saved few files need by user and transfer the unwanted files to cloud storage device.

These are some issues which slow down your computer by using above fixing method you can run computer without slow down.

Easy-to-use Tool to Retrieve Files on Windows Computer

Windows users those who have lost or deleted their crucial files from their Windows computers now need not have to worry. Because Remo Recover is a professional Windows recovery software that brings back your deleted or lost files on your Windows PC or laptop. Before going to know how this software works, it is important to see the possible factors for the deletion or loss of files on Windows computers, so that you can try to be careful and avoid these mistakes in future

  1. Intentional or accidental deletion of files using Shift + Delete combination keys without taking data backup
  2. Loss of files due to improper or interrupted cut and paste operation
  3. Files are deleted after emptying the Recycle Bin folder
  4. Formatting the hard drive of your system knowingly or unknowingly and no backup of the files from that respective drive is found
  5. Harmful virus and malware infection to a hard drive can corrupt the files and make them inaccessible for users
  6. File system corruption leads to inaccessible or unreadable of the partition
  7. Partitioning or repartitioning a hard drive using unreliable third party partitioning tools can lead to loss or deletion of existing partition
  8. Incorrect disk defragmentation can lead to deletion of partition data
  9. Usage of untrusted third party applications can also result in deletion of files

What you need to do before recovering your files?

Once you lose your crucial files due to any of the above said reasons, then the first and foremost thing that you need to do is immediately stop using the hard drive partition from which you lost your files to avoid overwriting of files. If the lost or deleted file’s memory space is filled with any new files, then it reduces the chance of recovering the lost or deleted files.

Remo Recover – Professional Windows recovery software:

As soon as you notice that your files has been lost or deleted straightaway use the Windows recovery software free download button of demo edition from Remo’s main site. Do not download the software on the drive from where you lost your files. Then, install and run this Windows recovery software on your Windows computer. As soon as you start running the software, it starts the scanning process using its advanced scanning mechanism to recover lost or deleted files. Once it successfully completes the scanning and recovery process, permits you to view the recovered files with its Preview option. By previewing the recovered files in File Type View or Data View, you can evaluate the software and if satisfied, then activate the complete version and save the recovered files at your destination place.

Advanced features of Remo Recover:

  1. Remo Recover is programmed in such a way that it recovers more than 300 types of files including videos, audio files, picture files, Word documents, PowerPoint files, PDF files, Excel files, games, system files, and many more
  2. It supports data recovery from hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, thumb drives, USB flash drives, and other storage devices that are having file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and EXFAT
  3. It runs well on all major versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Windows 2000, Server 2003 and 2008, Vista, etc.
  4. Comes out with “Find” option that helps you in locating the recovered files based on file name, file type, file size, and date
  5. “Save Recovery Session” option in demo version helps you in avoiding hard drive rescanning and you can resume the recovery process at any time

Tips to prevent data loss:

  1. Cultivate the habit of taking backup of all your essential files and folders at regular intervals
  2. Before emptying the recycle bin folder, look at the contents of the folder twice to ensure that it contains no essential files
  3. Install reliable anti-virus software on your system to get rid of virus and malwares. Use a proper power backup utility like UPS to avoid sudden system shutdown in case of power losses while you are doing file transfer or other important task

Data Recovery from Reimaged Hard Drive

What does the term Reimage of hard drive mean?

Reimage of a drive is a very serious and destructive for the data on any computer. However, it is simple and quick process to reimage the hard drive. Let’s discuss the term in detail:

In spite of learning the definition, it is better to know the purpose and process behind reimaging. It can be performed when system is having too much problems. It simply reset the computer to the original specification. Reimage is a process to copy operating system files as well as all program files on the hard drive. This sets the hard drive to the same state as in new condition. In simple words, you have formatted the hard drive that wipes out OS files and data in order to start fresh. In case, you forget to backup data before reimaging then it ends up with deletion of important files from hard drive.

Is it possible to retrieve files from hard drive after reimage?

Yes, you can easily perform data recovery from hard drive after reimage. Remo Recover software is capable in recovering data from hard drive after reimage on all the versions of Windows and Mac systems. It is safe and secure in recovering files from different brands of hard drives like SanDisk, Toshiba, Transcend, Kington, Buffalo, etc.

Advanced features of Remo Recover Software 

  • Restore data from corrupted, damaged, formatted and reformatted hard drive. It recovers file from hard drive interfaces such as IDE, SATA, ATA, SCSI, etc.
  • Compatible in recovering data from hard drives as well as external hard drive, USB drive, FireWire device, memory cards (SD, miniSD, microSD, SDXC, SDHC, etc).
  • More than 300 file types can be recovered with Remo Recover tool like image, video, audio, compressed file, Word file, PowerPoint file, Excel file, PSD, PDF, etc.
  • Demo version of software is available to judge the efficiency of tool. The demo version is available with all options except the option to store recovered files.

Few other scenarios where Remo Recover tool can be implemented

  • Unintentional deletion of files or formatting hard drive results in data loss permanently
  • Severe virus and malware program on hard drive corrupts the file and finally removed data due to use of antivirus tool.
  • Bad sectors, use of unreliable software, errors in registry files, interruption while file transfer, etc are few other reasons for data loss from hard drive

Precautions to avoid data loss scenarios

  • Prepare backup of important files on external drive.
  • Try to employ Remo Recover before hard drive overwritten.
  • Use reliable antivirus tool on your system to avoid data loss.

Steps to Perform Data Recovery from Hard Drive after Reimage

Step I: Download, install and launch trial version of Remo Recover tool to perform data recovery after reimaging of hard drive.

Step II: Choose Recover Drive from main screen and then select choose either Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Drive Recovery.

Step III: Select hard drive from which you want to recover files and press next to start drive recovery. You are able to Preview list of recoverable files after drive scanning.      

Deleted Partition Recovery on Mac

Many users have adapted and some users are adapting Macintosh machines in their daily life as it includes certain significant functionalities. When one purchases a Mac machine, its hard drive will be partitioned with Mac’s default file system i.e., HFS. Later, user can repartition his Mac hard drive by creating two or more logical drives and format one with HFS, one with HFS+, and other with FAT32, and so on. However, while doing this task, due to some logical errors or users own mistake, a partition on Mac hard drive can get deleted. As a result of this, huge amount of data loss is guaranteed.

Other than the converting the file system process, there are many other circumstances that can lead to deletion of partition on Mac systems. Few important of them are listed below

  1. At times, when you want to delete a particular Volume on your Mac system, in hurry you may select a wrong Volume and delete it accidentally
  2. When a Mac partition is severely infected with some external threats like viruses and malwares, then it can result in deletion or it can hide the infected partition
  3. When you want to format a particular partition and at that time, by mistake you may format a wrong partition that leads to deletion of entire files from that partition
  4. Repartitioning using Disk Management Utility without proper knowledge can also lead to deletion or loss of the existing partition

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, there could be lot more circumstances wherein you can lose a partition from your Mac system. Whatever may be the scenarios, you can easily recover deleted partition Mac with the assistance of powerful Mac partition recovery tool like Remo Recover. It supports deleted partition recovery Mac OS X including Sierra, El Capitan, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc. Just download, install, and run the free demo edition of Remo Recover application on your Mac system to recover deleted partition Mac system and view the recovered partition files with its in-built Preview button, which enables you to test the ability of the tool before you purchase the complete version

Salient features of Remo Recover tool:

  1. Remo Recover supports recovery of Mac Volume having different file systems such as HFS, HFSX, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, and EXFAT
  2. Apart from Mac hard drive, it also recovers missing or erased data files from pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, etc.
  3. It provides 24.7 technical support for its users to solve any kind of customer queries
  4. Supports recovery of more than 300 types of files including video files, images, music files, MS Office files, games, system files, etc.
  5. Besides deleted partition, it also recovers partition that is formatted, reformatted, corrupted, and damaged on all Mac running systems

Solution to Restore Lost Pictures after Mac Sierra Upgrade

Sierra is the latest version of Mac operating system developed and released by Apple Inc. and is available for all Apple users for a free upgrade. But, while upgrading to macOS Sierra, be careful about all your data files stored previous to update. Even small negligence can result in loss or deletion of files during macOS Sierra update. In this article, it is mainly focused on how to restore photos lost in macOS Sierra update. In case, if you have lost your precious images during Sierra update, then safe recovery of lost images is possible by using Remo Recover software.

Note: Before going to recover lost or deleted images after macOS Sierra update, it is suggested not to save new files on the location of the hard drive from where you lost your image files. Because, overwriting on the lost files reduces the chance of photo recovery

If you have Time Machine backup, then you can easily restore photos lost in macOS Sierra update. Here are the steps that you need to follow to recover lost photos after Sierra update from Time Machine backup

  1. Click on Apple menu, and then select System Preferences option and click on Time Machine
  2. Now, click on Show Time Machine in menu bar
  3. You will see Time Machine menu, where you need to click on Enter Time Machine option that will take you to Time Machine window
  4. In Time Machine window, you have to select the image file that you want to restore
  5. After choosing the image file, hit on Space Bar to see its content
  6. Now, click on Restore option or simultaneously press Ctrl and click keys that restores your image file to its original location on Mac

Image recovery from Time Machine backup is possible if and only if you have previously set it. In case, if there is no backup schedule or no backup, then you need to rely on some powerful data recovery tool like Remo Recover to restore photos lost in macOS Sierra update. The demo version of this software is available for free download, just download and run it on your Mac system. Demo version has all the features as that of complete edition, but you can’t save the recovered images on your Mac system. Demo version scans your entire Mac hard drive rigorously and recovers all your image files within no time, and then it allows you to view the recovered images before you purchase the licensed version, thereby you can evaluate it before you activate the tool.

Features of Remo Recover application:

  1. Remo Recover not only recovers image files, but also all kinds of files such as videos, audios, MS Office files like PowerPoint files, Word documents, excel files, etc., games, system or program files, and many more
  2. Demo version comes out with save recovery session feature that helps you in avoiding rescanning of your Mac hard drive again while running the complete version of the tool. By using Open Recovery Session button, you can save the recovered files, without rescanning your drive again
  3. It facilitates you to sort the recovered files based on file name, file type, size, and date.
  4. Designed with user friendly interface that makes photo recovery an easier task for both new and professional users
  5. Supports data recovery from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, or damaged Mac Volumes that are formatted with file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFSX, and HFS+

Major causes behind photo loss after macOS Sierra update:

In case, no backup of files is available and the upgrade process go wrong, then entire files including pictures might get deleted. Upgrading to macOS Sierra from lower version, sometimes can result in corruption of photo file header due to which it becomes inaccessible and leads to photo loss. Excessive disk fragmentation, access permission errors, and other factors are responsible for the loss of images from Mac systems.

Tips to Improve the PCs Performance in Windows 10

Windows 10 Data RecoveryDoes your system work slow? If yes, don’t worry we have list of things that would improve the performance of your PCs in Windows 10. Try one by one and see whether the problem is fixed or not. If not try for next step mentioned below:

Check whether you have latest update of operating system and drivers

Follow below mentioned steps in order to check for latest updates

  • Go to Start > Select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates
  • Check for Update Status do as follows
  1. If it says Your System is up to date, then move to next step
  2. If it says Updates are available and install now. Press install and go to next step
  • Select the update to install on system and Restart the system
  • Check whether system performance is improved or not. If not go for next tip

Restart the PC and open only important applications

Sometimes your system slow down due to the access more applications, browsers, programs and so on. Under such condition, Restart your laptop or PC in order to improve the performance.

Follow below mentioned steps to restart your PC

  • Go to Start > Power button > Restart
  • After system restart, open applications that you needs

Sometimes application on previous versions of Windows that still working on Windows 10 may slow down the system. Run Program Troubleshooter under such condition to cut out such problem.

Follow below mentioned steps to fix compatibility issue

  • Type troubleshooting in the search box and select Troubleshooting which consist of Control Panel below it.
  • Choose Run programs made for previous versions of Windows
  • From Programs Compatibility Troubleshooter, press Next to run.
  • Choose program that is troubling you and select next in order to continue through troubleshooter

Software to Recover 3GP Files from Memory Card

3GP is a multimedia container format which is defined by Third Generation Partnership Project for multimedia services. It is widely used across the globe for entertainment and educational purposes. It might be possible that 3GP files stored in memory card or any data storage device get deleted and become unreachable from users. It is quite obvious that you get irritated and opts for reliable tool to recover 3GP files from memory card as soon as possible. Can any suggest?

Remo Recover software is one of the reliable tools available online to restore deleted or lost 3GP files from memory card. Apart from memory card, you can also employ this software on hard drive, external hard disk drive, flash drive, USB drive and so on. It supports 3GP video recovery from different file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, etc. The software is capable in recovering MOV files, MPEG files, MP4 files and several other video file formats. It is available online so download and launch the application on your system to perform 3GP video recovery in few simple steps.

Some of the common reasons for deletion of 3GP files

  • Virus or malware attack
  • Use of unreliable application
  • Unintentional deletion of video
  • Bad sectors or file system corruption
  • Accidental use of Shift+Delete command
  • Formatting or reformatting of memory card

Under such severe condition, you are looking for third party tool to retrieve deleted 3GP files from system. Remo Recover software can be implemented in above mentioned scenarios to overcome the issues without any error. It is 100 percent safe and secure in recovering 3GP videos from memory card as well as from other data storage device.

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • It can be downloaded, installed and launched on all the versions of Windows and Mac based system. With the use of this software, you can easily overcome the scenarios for deletion of 3GP video files from memory card.
  • The software allows user to recover 3GP files from different types of memory cards such as SD card, XD card, SDXC card, SDHC card, MicroSD card, MiniSD card, MMC card, CF card, etc. Using this program, you can also recover files from hard drive, external HDD, USB drive and so on.
  • You can restore files on desired location i.e. in internal or external storage device. It allows users to search recovered videos according to file names, file types, file size, etc. Technical support executive is available anytime in case of difficulty while recovering 3GP files from card.