Rescue Deleted Files

Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Have you ever faced a situation that you have unconsciously deleted some important files from your windows system and later on you found those files are missed and trying hard to get back those lost files? Yes, it might happen to many people. After all we are humans, we do mistakes! So there must be some alternative to get out of our mistakes like accidental deletion, formatting etc.

And yes, there is a solution when you delete or lost a file from your computer unintentionally. With the help of data recovery tools you can retrieve all your lost files quickly and easily. These data recovery tools are built with robust algorithms so that they can retrieve the lost data at any cost. Before knowing deep about the data recovery tools, let’s find some scenarios where you end up losing data from your computer.

Scenarios for Data Loss or Deletion

Third Party Software: Sometimes you use to install some third party tools for playing videos or movies or may be for some other reason. You might be not aware that those tools are reliable or not, you just simply download and use it. But installing such unreliable software will definitely result in loss of data.

Interrupted Transfer:  Users may connect some external storage devices like pen drive, external hard drive etc to the computer to transfer data from computer to external device or vice versa. Any interruption caused during the time of transfer like abrupt removal of the device from drive may cause loss of data.

Human Errors: When a user wants to delete some unwanted files from their system, they may accidentally select some important files and press Shift+Delete which permanently deletes the data from the hard drive.

Operating System Crash: Since operating system plays a key role in the data management any damage or crash occurred to it will surely leads to massive loss of data.

Other causes include file system corruption, header crash, virus infections, over heating of hard drive etc will result in data loss from the hard drive.

Anyways, the above listed data loss scenarios will be easily resolved by using data recovery tools. If you are thinking about recovering files after deletion,then there are many data recovery tools available in the market, but single out the best one is little bit tough since every tool claim that it is the best tool. A tool like Remo Recover will definitely does the things with what it claims. It is the best rated tool by both data experts as well as users.

Let’s know more about Remo Recover Windows

Remo Recover Windows is available in three versions like Basic, Media and Pro in which you can choose depending upon your data loss scenario. Its scan engine performs deep scanning to the targeted hard drive such that it won’t miss any single file to recover. Although you have an option to recover only specified files. It has ability to retrieve files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions / drives.

Advanced features of Remo Recovery Software

  • It is the best tool to rescue hard drive data which has been deleted or lost due to any reason from your Windows system.
  • The tool can also retrieves files from formatted partitions, after rebooting or even when the hard drive has crashed.
  • This product also recovers lost or deleted from formatted, damaged Seagate drives and also supports various other brands.
  • The beauty of this software is, it provides you to preview your recovered data before restoration for free. If you are happy with the evaluated results, later you can buy the licensed version to store the recovered data to your hard drive permanently.

Simple Steps to Restore iPod Nano Deleted Files

“Recently I purchased brand new iPod Nano 2nd generation. I stored many my childhood and family photos in it. This morning while previewing some images I mistakenly deleted one of the picture folder on my iPod Nano, and I don’t even have back up of those files. I want to restore them back. Is it possible? Please help me out to recover deleted files from iPod Nano”

Ohoo !! so sad.. Just relax my friend, the thing is deleted files still exist on you iPod Nano but they are just marked as inaccessible by the system. But I have to admit Apple iPods Nano is its best. Now lest us talk about deleted files on you iPod Nano. Recovering of such files is quite easy, but only if you have not added any new files to the same devices from where you have lost your important files and willing to recover. Because adding new files will overwrite the deleted ones and thereby decreasing the recovery chances.

There are lots of recovery programs available in the internet. Guess you already have gone through!! Still deciding which recovery tool to use? Don’t worry, here is one such software which will help you out recovering deleted files from iPod nano in few mouse clicks. The name of that software is Remo Recover.

  • It is trustworthy and highly recommended by the industrial experts
  • Free Demo version of this software is available
  • Facilitated with the “Preview” option to view recovered files before restoring onto your computers
  • Supports Windows Operating System and all its major versions such as, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other earlier versions

This URL gives you the clear cut idea on Remo Recovery process:

File Deletion Scenarios:

  • Sometimes you may unknowingly delete some important files rather than deleting unnecessary files causes loss of files from iPod Nano device.
  • Formatting iPod Nano storage device in order to maximize storage space on the device, without taking the backup of the files will results in erasing the files from iPod nano.
  • While transferring files from your iPod to your System or vice versa, instead of selecting “send to” option you might accidentally select “delete” option, which results in deletion of entire files present on your iPod nano device.
  • If the file system of the iPod Nano storage drive is corrupted, then you may get different error messages while accessing the data. As a result of this, you cannot access files stored in iPod Nano which in turn lead to deletion of files.

Files may be gets deleted due to any of the above mentioned reasons, but no need to worry about it. Using Remo Recover Tool, anyone can easily recover deleted files from iPod Nano with utmost ease.

Prominent Features of Remo Recover Software:

Remo Recover is designed with powerful scanning algorithm which help you to recover deleted files    from iPod nano in a short interval of time. It is having user friendly graphical interface help you to recover deleted, lost or formatted files on your iPod Nano device in simple four steps. It recovers all different types of files like photos, audios, videos, documents with different file formats such as JPG, MPEG, JPEG, GIF, NEF, CRW, CR2, ARW, PPT, PST, PSD, PDF, XML, and many other files in a couple of easy steps.


Remo Recover allows you to recover deleted files from SCSI, SATA, PATA, ATA, IDE hard drive interfaces having FAT, FAT12, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems. It not only recovers deleted files from USB but also help you restoring deleted files from other external storage devices as well, such as Pen drives, floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, Memory cards like SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, xD, and many others. This recover toolkit is application to all iPod Nano generations.

Recover Files from Formatted USB Drive

All USB drives such as external hard drives and flash memory devices are notable secondary storage devices traditionally used by a lot of computer users. It is mainly used when the internal hard drive space of any computer is not sufficient to store data and for data transportation purposes. One can easily save almost any kind of files into an USB storage device. There are lots of famous manufacturers of USB storage device available in market that includes Toshiba, SanDisk, Kingston, etc.

Getting to the topic, there are a wide variety of feasible reasons which can cause loss of data from USB storage devices, and data loss due to device format is just one of them. In case you have lost any important data from your USB storage device due to device format, there is absolutely no need to get worried, instead make use of use of an effective USB data recovery software called Remo Recover. It comes with a huge number of special features which allow you to recover data formatted USB drive with maximum efficiency.

Before discussing clearly on the data restoration application, let us have a look at some common scenarios that can cause you to lose data from your USB memory device.

File system corruption: File system is a kind of data structure that keeps all information of stored data on the drive. It plays an important role for storing, accessing and retrieving data from any hard disk and if the file system gets damaged due to any reasons then you will lose the access to entire data present in it, resulting in severe data loss

Improper device ejection: Abrupt plugging out of the USB memory device from its USB vent without using the option of safely removing the hardware can lead you to lose data on it


Antivirus scans: If your USB memory device contains any virus infected files then you may scan the device using an antivirus application, and while scanning it can sometimes happen that the antivirus can delete important files which are infected

These all some of the examples of scenarios that can result in losing important files from USB memory devices. Nevertheless, in any case you don’t have to worry because Remo Recover utility has the capacity to restore data from a USB memory device under all circumstances. To know more about this amazing data recovery tool from the main site of Remo Recover.

Advanced features of Remo Recover data recovery application:

Remo Recover tool includes a number of useful features, below are some of the catchiest of them:

  • With the assistance of Remo Recover software, it is possible to restore all sorts of lost or deleted files from a formatted USB device including video files, audios, photo files, softwares and several other document files like DOC, PPT, PDF, etc.
  • This amazing software not just recovers lost or deleted files from formatted USB device, but it also can retrieve data from internal hard disk drives of desktops and laptops. All brands of flash memory cards like SD, SDHC, memory sticks, FireWire drives, iPod and so on are supported by the software
  • It is a software that supports all new versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and so on; and all Mac including OS X Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc.

Instant Way to Restore Formatted Micro SD Card

“I have a Micro SD card that I accidentally formatted last night. I have lost almost all image files stored in it. Those were my childhood photos. I don’t even have another copy of that. So can anybody help me recovering formatted Micro SD card files?”

Overview of Micro SD Card:

It is made by the company SanDisk. Micro SD is a type of removable flash memory card are often used for storing images or other information. SD stands for Secure Digital. These are the smallest memory cards, used in mobile phones, newer types of handheld GPS devices, portable media players, audio players, digital cameras, and USB flash drives. There are small adapters that make microSD card able to fit in any devices that have slots for standard SD, Memory Stick, miniSD, and sometimes even USB devices.

Micro SD card data can get deleted or lost due to numerous reasons it may due to intentional deletion or due to corruption. Formatting Micro SD card is also one of the main causes for losing files. When you format your microSD card in a mobile phone, desktop computer or in digital cameras, boot area of the file information will be emptied. Then the memory card acts as if it is empty and contains no files in it. But the files are still present. In this case you might look for formatted microSD card recovery tool. It is quite easy to restore lost data using reliable third party restoration software such as Remo Recover.

Some of the common reasons behind formatting Micro SD card:

Intentional Formatting:  When any of the file on micro SD card becomes inaccessible at that time you may decide to format Micro SD card thinking you might get access to those data. Unfortunately you may end up facing huge amount of data loss due to formatting, lost files might be most important for you, this type of situation will leads to data loss stored on micro SD card.

Format Error: Consider that you have connected your Micro SD card to Windows system via card reader, at that time due to some unexpected reason it displays “Format” option on screen, in such case you may not be able to access the data contained onto it and compel you to format the card, which leads to entire data loss.

Accidental Formatting: When you desire to transfer the files from micro SD card to system at that time you connect Micro SD card to the system and you may accidentally select format option instead of selecting send option. This type of prevalence results in formatting Micro SD and will erase complete data stored in it.

File System Corruption: Micro SD card file system might get corrupt due to virus attack, which may become the reason for data loss. If micro SD card gets corrupt then you will be incapable to gain access to file from it. To make it read you need to format it, but formatting erases entire data from micro SD card.

In addition to the above described scenarios, there can be few more reasons responsible for formatting the micro SD card such as virus attack, inappropriate file transfer, abrupt termination of micro SD card from camcorders or from cameras, memory card corruption, abrupt ejection of memory card, etc. Remo Recover is a well know formatted micro SD card recovery software that help you to overcome from these kind of data loss situations with ease. It not only performs formatted micro SD card recovery but also retrieves files from corrupt or damaged micro SD card in a few simple steps.

Key Features of Remo Recover Software:

Remo Recover is the leading formatted micro SD card recovery software. It effectively recovers images, audio files, videos from deleted, corrupted, damaged or reformatted Micro SD card. It works on Windows Operating System and all its versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Win Vista, etc. It supports restoration of files from all types of flash cards such as, SD cards, Compact Flash Card, XD Picture Card, Micro SD, Mini SD, Memory Sticks, and many others.

It is a read only program, which does not alter any original content of the files while recovering data from formatted micro SD card on Windows. Around 300 different types of files formats are recognized by this tool making data recovery accuracy.  Use the trial version and evaluates the recovery results.

How to Recover Permanently Erased Word Documents?

Let’s learn a reliable way of recovering permanently deleted Word docs from your Windows based PC or any of Windows supported storage drives. All you need to do in order to retrieve permanently deleted Word files is, just make use of Remo Recover tool and instantly start restoring permanently erased Word files. Continue to read in order to know more about file deletion on Windows based systems and learn how to recover permanently deleted Word document with the help of Remo Recover tool with high success rate.

How to restore permanently deleted Microsoft Word documents?

Follow this detailed procedure to get back all deleted items from your computer. It’s really easy. Trail along the hyperlink to visit the main site of Remo Recover and download and install the software to your PC from where permanently deleted Word docs are to be retrieved. After installing it, run the application and simply follow the instructions that are displayed on screen which will allow the software to find and locate all Microsoft Word documents. You can preview all permanently deleted Word docs and save them back to your PC using the full version of the software.

Benefitting features of Remo Recover tool:

Some of the most outstanding and benefitting features of Remo Recover are posted below which help you to execute permanently erased file recovery with maximum efficiency and ease:

  • This software, apart from MS Word docs, can recover more than 300 different categories of files from all types of external storage volumes which are deleted or lost
  • Remo Recover has a user friendly and supportive interface and you need not require professional skills to perform permanently deleted file recovery
  • One can make use of the free demo version of this app which is available for free to retrieve and view all recoverable documents
  • Remo Recover tool lets you to retrieve permanently erased files with ease and as well as files which are accidentally removed, emptied from Recycle Bin or are missing from your PC due to any technical reasons

Scenarios that can cause permanently deletion of files in Windows:

Below are some of the most common actions posted that can cause permanent file erasure on your Windows based system:

  • You are moving a file or an entire file folder from an external storage medium to another location and you mistakenly press the Delete button
  • You empty Recycle Bin being unaware of its contents. This will cause those items to get permanently removed from your computer
  • Performing Shift + Delete key combinations on any files or file folders will make those items to avoid the Recycle Bin folder to get permanently deleted
  • Deleting files using Widows Command prompt can also erase files permanently
  • All contents that are being erased from an external media storage volume will get permanently removed as there is no option in external storage drives to keep temporarily deleted files

Best Approach of Recovering Word Files

Did you lost important Word documents? Are you looking for a way to find them? Don’t worry; here there are few tips on lost Word file recovery. Just have a glance over them and recover lost Word files.

MS Word is the most widely utilized Word processing application in the entire world. This amazing tool was developed by Microsoft Corporation and comes as part of MS office suite. By making use of this app very easily one can make important document such as notes, letters and do many different important tasks, without MS Word, documentation work would have remained an uphill undertaking.

Same as other computer files, Word documents may also sometimes get lost from computer; if you have ever lost any important Word file then don’t get annoyed. Presently there is an effective Word recovery app using which you can easily bring back lost Word files in a short while. The name of that app is, Remo Recover. It’s a most trusted app and is very popular in the entire world. Not only Word files, this Remo Recover app is capable of retrieving various types of files including Excel files, PPT files, images, videos, songs, etc. In a very limited time frame, it recovers lost Word files created on available versions of MS Word including Word 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc.

Some of critical reasons that make Word files to get lost are mentioned below:

  • Formatting of hard drive: If you format the hard drive of your computer then entire data including essential Word files will get lost from it.
  • Corruption of File system: The file system of hard drive is quite helpful data structure; it retains all information about the stored data. If file system is corrupted then you will lose access to entire data, which finally ends up with losing of Word documents.
  • Errors While Transferring: When Word file are transferring from one to device to another, for instance, while transferring Word documents from computer hard drive to external storage device meanwhile an error is occurred then there are chance for it get lost.

There are lots of other reasons in addition to all these which make you to lose Word files from computer. But need not to worry in any case, since Remo Recover application is capable enough to retrieve lost Word files in a very efficient manner.

What are the popular features of Remo Recover tool?

Remo Recover app has large number of benefiting features, some noted features are mentioned below:

It is one among the best recovery tools that can effortlessly recover lost or deleted Word files. It is capable of retrieving Word documents from all major versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows Vista, Win XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc. This amazing software provides an easy to use approach to recover lost Word files. It can help you in retrieving lost Word documents from various storage devices including thumb drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, etc. It’s a reliable recovery tool that is free from all kinds of viruses and malicious programs. Prior to purchase, its demo version can be utilized. If you are satisfied with the product then get its licensed version.

Recovery of Data from Mac OS X

Remo recover software is one of the best leading file recovery software for Mac in these days. This application has successfully helped over many of the clients to retrieve their lost or deleted files from Mac hard drive with utmost ease. This Remo recover tool does not require any prior experience, just you need to follow the simple steps on the friendly wizard interface. As each of the steps has clear and brief instructions, the complex Mac data recovery task becomes much easier.

Features of Remo recover tool:

Remo recover toolkit brings you a plenty of functionality at your fingertips in order to help safe recovery of lost data on your Mac machine. You can easily rescue lost or deleted Mac volumes on your Mac machine with minimum fuss using this Remo recover app. If you not able to see your crucial existing volumes on your iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air or Mac Mini, this program can restore missing volumes and helps you to get back your valuable files. This Mac data recovery software helps in restoration of files deleted from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, or ExFAT formatted Mac drive in few clicks. Some of the popular file formats that can be retrieved by using Remo recover program are AMR, M4A, PSD, PDD, PPT, DOC, PDF, XLS, EXE, WAV, M4b, 3GP, 3G2,  MP4, MP3, MP4, MOV BMP, PNG, PSD, GIF, MIDI, RA, AVI, AIF, AIFF, AIFC, , MRW, ARW, RAW, MPEG, M4V, TIFF, RM, CRW, NEF, SR2, MPG, JPEG JPG, TIF, X3F, CR2 and other files.

This Remo recover utility scans your drive behind the scenes, after completion of the scanning process, the software allows you to view recoverable file and see its preview option. If you are satisfied with its result and want to save the recovered files on Mac then you can purchase its full licensed version with reasonable price.

Factors responsible for loss/deletion of files from Mac machine:

  • Sometimes, to create free memory space on the Mac computer HDD you usually delete some of the superfluous files every now and then. On performing this operation, of you accidentally deletes some of the important files then it get moved to Trash folder. However, if you delete those files using combination key like Command Delete, then it get surpassed over Trash folder.
  • Formatting Mac drive clears each of the file details from file system of the respective drive in a second.
  • File system is responsible for managing each of the file activities on Mac hard drive volume. If such an important part of Mac drive gets damaged then each of the files and folders of that drive become unreachable.

Other than these reasons you can find other causes that lead to loss or deletion of files from Mac machine due to virus attack, antivirus scanning, improper repartitioning of Mac drive, journal file corruption, sudden shut down of Mac PC, Apple partition map corruption, etc. Well, no need to worry about these issues. This is because you can easily resolve this issue by using this prominent Remo recover tool as mentioned above in this article.

Important tips to be followed:

  • Stop making use of Mac drive from where you have lost files.
  • Downloading and installation of recovery Mac data recovery software must be done on some other drive.
  • Use an updated antivirus program on your Mac system to avoid virus intrusion.