Introduction to the Smart Sync Feature in Dropbox

Recently DropBox has introduced the Smart Sync feature to manage your storage space. As work increases, the need for storage space also grows exponentially. So therewith, Smart Sync feature could of great use to you.

With the synching your files to the DropBox Cloud, you will be able to open the files in the same way you open files normally. With Smart Sync tool you can access the files online; without a local copy of the file in your computer. Smart Sync proves to be ideal for the business environment. It provides an effective means to share and access a massive number of files on the desktop. Hereby it eliminates overburdened files in the computer. Dealing with tons of files and sharing with Smart Sync is indeed much smarter.

The Smart Sync in DropBox is unjust like streaming images or videos. It works by synchronizing and lets you open and edit. After editing the file, it is delivered back to the cloud storage. For all these operations to take place you need to have a seamless internet connection. This smart feature eliminates the overhead on the hard drives to store an extensive number of files.

In addition to this, Smart Sync also provides admin controls which may be essential in an organization. It is indeed effective when an admin controls and decides to share between devices and synchronization.  Moreover, when admin adds new members it won’t be an overload to the account or the team folders. Thus, Smart Sync provides much of flexibility in the workplace.