Instant Way to Restore Formatted Micro SD Card

“I have a Micro SD card that I accidentally formatted last night. I have lost almost all image files stored in it. Those were my childhood photos. I don’t even have another copy of that. So can anybody help me recovering formatted Micro SD card files?”

Overview of Micro SD Card:

It is made by the company SanDisk. Micro SD is a type of removable flash memory card are often used for storing images or other information. SD stands for Secure Digital. These are the smallest memory cards, used in mobile phones, newer types of handheld GPS devices, portable media players, audio players, digital cameras, and USB flash drives. There are small adapters that make microSD card able to fit in any devices that have slots for standard SD, Memory Stick, miniSD, and sometimes even USB devices.

Micro SD card data can get deleted or lost due to numerous reasons it may due to intentional deletion or due to corruption. Formatting Micro SD card is also one of the main causes for losing files. When you format your microSD card in a mobile phone, desktop computer or in digital cameras, boot area of the file information will be emptied. Then the memory card acts as if it is empty and contains no files in it. But the files are still present. In this case you might look for formatted microSD card recovery tool. It is quite easy to restore lost data using reliable third party restoration software such as Remo Recover.

Some of the common reasons behind formatting Micro SD card:

Intentional Formatting:  When any of the file on micro SD card becomes inaccessible at that time you may decide to format Micro SD card thinking you might get access to those data. Unfortunately you may end up facing huge amount of data loss due to formatting, lost files might be most important for you, this type of situation will leads to data loss stored on micro SD card.

Format Error: Consider that you have connected your Micro SD card to Windows system via card reader, at that time due to some unexpected reason it displays “Format” option on screen, in such case you may not be able to access the data contained onto it and compel you to format the card, which leads to entire data loss.

Accidental Formatting: When you desire to transfer the files from micro SD card to system at that time you connect Micro SD card to the system and you may accidentally select format option instead of selecting send option. This type of prevalence results in formatting Micro SD and will erase complete data stored in it.

File System Corruption: Micro SD card file system might get corrupt due to virus attack, which may become the reason for data loss. If micro SD card gets corrupt then you will be incapable to gain access to file from it. To make it read you need to format it, but formatting erases entire data from micro SD card.

In addition to the above described scenarios, there can be few more reasons responsible for formatting the micro SD card such as virus attack, inappropriate file transfer, abrupt termination of micro SD card from camcorders or from cameras, memory card corruption, abrupt ejection of memory card, etc. Remo Recover is a well know formatted micro SD card recovery software that help you to overcome from these kind of data loss situations with ease. It not only performs formatted micro SD card recovery but also retrieves files from corrupt or damaged micro SD card in a few simple steps.

Key Features of Remo Recover Software:

Remo Recover is the leading formatted micro SD card recovery software. It effectively recovers images, audio files, videos from deleted, corrupted, damaged or reformatted Micro SD card. It works on Windows Operating System and all its versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Win Vista, etc. It supports restoration of files from all types of flash cards such as, SD cards, Compact Flash Card, XD Picture Card, Micro SD, Mini SD, Memory Sticks, and many others.

It is a read only program, which does not alter any original content of the files while recovering data from formatted micro SD card on Windows. Around 300 different types of files formats are recognized by this tool making data recovery accuracy.  Use the trial version and evaluates the recovery results.

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