How to Restore the Server System Drive from a Backup Using Installation Media?

Many-a-times, restore operation proves to be lifesaving in both server and client systems. There are several instances where one opts to go for a system restore. It could be a situation where the server system is unable to start due to some bad configurations – replace the server or the drive – unable to remove the virus that intruded the PC etc.

There are a set of ways through which you can restore your server’s system drive. If you have a proper backup then you can restore your server drive via the installation media (that came with your server manufacturer).

Procedure to restore Server using the Windows Server Installation media

  • In the Server’s DVD drive, insert the Windows Server Essentials Installation DVD
  • Restart the server system then press any key to start the server from the inserted DVD
  • Windows Server then starts to load the files
  • Choose appropriate languages and preferences then click on Next\
  • Now select Repair your computer option
  • A page appears to Choose an option, click on Troubleshoot
  • A System Image Recovery window then appears, pick your current server system
  • You can see a wizard to re-image your system
  • Up next the screen prompts you to Select a system image backup
  • Select the latest server backup and the system will be restored to this selected restore point
  • Choose one of the options: Use the latest available system image (recommended) and Select a system image
  • Press on Next. Follow the instructions to complete the drive restoration process
  • At end of the complete restoration procedure, remove the installation media from the server system
  • Restart the Serer computer

With an installation, it is also possible in client systems to restore the drive data at critical instances. However, at minor instances as file deletions, you need not go through all these procedures. You can simply recover using file restoration software. When it happened to me, I found Windows Server 2008 deleted file recovery solution with Remo Recover tool. This program is also capable of finding files that are lost due to various causes. In addition to this, Remo Recover supports all versions of the client and server operating systems.