Data Restoration from old SCSI Drives

Older Mac systems used the SCSI (Small Computers System Interface) to connect the hard drives; both internal and external. However, now Mac uses the SATA connection for the internal drives and USB/Thunderbolt for external HD devices. In the meanwhile, you might come across an old Mac SCSI drive. So with, you want to access the data from it on your current Mac device. It is rather possible to transfer data from the SCSI hard drive on to your modern Mac.

You can make use of Adaptec’s USBXchange in order to connect your old Mac SCSI to a USB storage drive. The device acts as a bridge between your Mac SCSI and the USB storage. You are required to connect the external HD to the USBXchange’s USB port. Then you can easily transfer data and files from the old SCSI drive to the externally connected USB storage.

On the other hand you can purchase a USB card and insert it to the PCI slot of your computer.  The data can be then transferred to the USB card and then connect the USB device to copy the data. If not you ca skip back to use the older method. It is using a floppy disk, though they are not in use these days there is no wrong in using them. In fact, it is very easy to get off data from your old SCSI drive. If you don’t have one, you get it at quite cheap rates. So, get a USB floppy drive and connect to your old Mac. Proceed to copy the files to the connected floppy disk. Now connect the floppy drive to the new machine and copy or move the files to a location on your Mac.

Along this, sometimes you might find some troubles in opening the files copied down from the SCSI drive. In fact, there are several factors that can affect the data that is residing on your old SCSI drive. In such a instance, you can perform SCSI data recovery with the help of suitable tools. Remo Recover is once specialised tool that smartly retrieves the data or files from the SCSI drive partitions. Simply download the application on your Mac, connect the SCSI drive and restore required data from it instantly. Remo program is flexible to run on all Mac OS X versions.