Data Restoration from old SCSI Drives

Older Mac systems used the SCSI (Small Computers System Interface) to connect the hard drives; both internal and external. However, now Mac uses the SATA connection for the internal drives and USB/Thunderbolt for external HD devices. In the meanwhile, you might come across an old Mac SCSI drive. So with, you want to access the data from it on your current Mac device. It is rather possible to transfer data from the SCSI hard drive on to your modern Mac.

You can make use of Adaptec’s USBXchange in order to connect your old Mac SCSI to a USB storage drive. The device acts as a bridge between your Mac SCSI and the USB storage. You are required to connect the external HD to the USBXchange’s USB port. Then you can easily transfer data and files from the old SCSI drive to the externally connected USB storage.

On the other hand you can purchase a USB card and insert it to the PCI slot of your computer.  The data can be then transferred to the USB card and then connect the USB device to copy the data. If not you ca skip back to use the older method. It is using a floppy disk, though they are not in use these days there is no wrong in using them. In fact, it is very easy to get off data from your old SCSI drive. If you don’t have one, you get it at quite cheap rates. So, get a USB floppy drive and connect to your old Mac. Proceed to copy the files to the connected floppy disk. Now connect the floppy drive to the new machine and copy or move the files to a location on your Mac.

Along this, sometimes you might find some troubles in opening the files copied down from the SCSI drive. In fact, there are several factors that can affect the data that is residing on your old SCSI drive. In such a instance, you can perform SCSI data recovery with the help of suitable tools. Remo Recover is once specialised tool that smartly retrieves the data or files from the SCSI drive partitions. Simply download the application on your Mac, connect the SCSI drive and restore required data from it instantly. Remo program is flexible to run on all Mac OS X versions.

Useful Data Recovery Software for Mac Failed Hard Drive

If you ever happen to lose your data from your Mac hard drive then this may cost you lot of important documents, images, your PST files and many more! Data losses due to failure of hard drive do happen as they are unexpected but now you can recover them too. They could be recovered using this awesome tool Remo Recover.

Remo Recover Mac is an ultimate utility for Mac failed hard drive data recovery which is capable of recovering the data lost irrespective of the cause behind it.

Possible reasons of data loss:

When failed or gone dead; hard drives become totally inaccessible resulting to loss of data. There are various possible reasons which cause failure of Mac hard drive, viz. 1) too many bad sectors on HDD, 2) Corruption in MBR, 3) Inappropriate reformatting of drive.

Why opt for Remo Recover?formatted-mac-volume-recovery

Well because Remo Recover is globally used and renowned data recovery software for Mac failed hard drive and has been giving its impeccable service since many years.

This software is recommended by Mac data recovery specialists and is developed by eminent software developers of the very same expertise. This tool runs on explicitly built data recovery techniques which make use of its deep scanning algorithms and successfully retrieves every single bit of your lost data from the failed Mac hard drive.

Amazing attributes of Remo Recover:

This software for data recovery from Mac failed hard drive is equipped with astonishing and very user-friendly components which significantly differentiates it from other data recovery tools. Additionally, this utility provides users with many features in the demo version itself which users can use without having to pay any money!

  • Very simple and easy to use interface has been provided to the users so that all kind of users can easily proceed through the recovery process. No such knowledge is required to get this software working.
  • ‘Mac Finder Styled Interface’ helps user to search for a particular from the entire list of recovered data using specific signature searches like name, date, file size and file type.
  • You can recover data from all other Mac based external storage devices like memory cards, USB drives etc.
  • This software allows you to perform data recovery on Mac failed hard drive in few simple steps.
  • Remo Recover is totally free from any kind of viruses and malwares being digitally signed.

Moreover, Remo Recover also provides few more useful options using which users can immediately get to see the list of recovered data and more!

‘Preview’ option enables the user to view and cross-check the authenticity of the recovered data next to which they can use they can use ‘Save Recovery Session’ which immediately pause the scanning process and could be continued further by using ‘Open Recovery Session’.

Steps to retrieve data from failed Mac hard drive:

  1. Select ‘Volumes Recovery’ from the next screen.
  2. Launch Remo Recover on your Mac and click on ‘Recover Volumes/Drives’ icon.
  3. Now click the Mac drive from which you want to recover the data and click on ‘Next’.
  4. You will then be able to view, and examine the accuracy of data by using ‘Preview’ option.
  5. Only if you are satisfied by the product, use ‘Save Recovery Session’ and ‘Open Recovery Session’ appropriately.
  6. Finally click on ‘Save’ to save the data.

Best Navigation Apps for 2015

Introduction about Navigation: Navigation is defined as the process of finding or determining the location, current position, distance traveled and to know the destination. It is also known as monitoring and controlling the drive of the vehicle from one location to another. Nowadays, in this smartphones era all most all the smartphones designed with in built navigation apps in order to assist the users to find the destination path and nearby places by using navigator map.

A solid navigation software allows turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, bicycle routes, bus routes, and can access via offline maps. This app is very necessary for the travelers and the people who like to visit unknown or new places. There are many software or apps related to navigation are avail free to download for any Android, Windows or Apple iOS mobile phones.

Let’s discuss the best navigation apps for 2015: 

Waze Navigator App: It is one of the best app used for monitoring the location and mainly focused on traffic. This navigation software has additional energy in the traffic alerts section. It collect the traffic information from other drivers or users using the particular app. It has very a friendly map interface that indicates the icons for accidents, road closure, hazards, speed cameras, and traffic police official waiting for the next lead foot. In Waze app the red lines indicate how long traffic struck extend for, and the app can spontaneously reroute or redirect you to another alternate and easiest path. You can assist the other Waze users by just reporting nearby traffic situations using a handy feature to add image and make a note about which side of the road is trouble.

CoPilot App: For paid navigation apps users it don’t have a must case against free navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze. CoPilot app is used even in offline mode. This tool is very helpful if you are in overseas and don’t have to use roaming data because it works on offline.

Google Maps: This is also one of the best app used for navigation. This tool has improved its data accuracy from the time of launch but it fails to lose out to Google Maps for every navigation. User can open Google Maps to check out where the restaurant is and allows to navigate icon in the bottom right of the mobile screen to give instant routes from your present location. Google Map users can tap for “Explore Nearby” to find the best user-rated restaurants, entertainment, and bars.