Learn to Fix Corrupt Zip Files

Most of us generally compress large files while sharing them over network, so as to reduce their size. Zip files can contain any number of files and folders of any format into a single Zip file with .zip as an extension. WinZip is a tool that we normally use to compress large sized files, which has many benefits of storing, transferring, and downloading multiple files are concerned. There are many advantages of Zip files compared to other files such as they occupy less space, storing huge number of files is simpler and easier when all data is in a single Zip file. Even, we can safeguard Zip files with password or encryption.

A Zip file format, which is an open sourced, has a unique structure added in the Zip Application note. Zip files usually have two Zip file headers namely Local directory and Central directory, where all the information is recorded. Information on the central directory must be exactly same as that of the local directory. If the extensions is incorrect or any inconsistencies or if there is any minor errors, then WinZip file is considered as corrupt. Besides this, there are variety of reasons behind corruption of Zip file, few are listed below

  1. Errors during file compression can result in Zip file header corruption
  2. If there is any interruptions while transferring Zip file over a network, then Zip file can get corrupted
  3. Abrupt termination of WinZip tool while extracting Zip file can cause corruption to Zip file
  4. Downloading Zip file Via any malicious site can corrupt the file
  5. Intrusion of harmful viruses or malwares on the drive where Zip files are stored can affect the files
  6. Sudden system shutdown while compressing or downloading the Zip file
  7. Occurrence of CRC errors while transferring Zip file due to alteration of encoded bits of Zip file
  8. If the files are compressed using WinZip application, which is malfunctioning can result in corruption of Zip file

In all these above mentioned scenarios, Zip files gets corrupted and so all its data will become inaccessible to WinZip. In such situations, you may not be able to extract all or some files from it. So, you will have to rely on some powerful and trusted Zip repair tool like Remo Repair Zip tool to repair corrupted Zip file in hassle free way

Repair corrupted Zip file with Remo Repair Zip application:


If you are the one among thinking how to fix corrupt Zip files, then make use of Remo Repair Zip utility and extract the Zip files within couple of clicks. This software is designed with damage free and read only modules so that it securely fixes corrupted Zip file and makes it accessible again. It has an ability to mend .zipx and .7z archive formats along with .zip files on almost all Windows computers such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000, etc. The demo version of the tool is freely available for download, just download, install, and run it on your Windows computers to evaluate it before actually purchasing it

Tips to avoid corruption of Zip file:

  1. Never use unsecure applications to extract or compress Zip files
  2. Have a reliable anti-virus application and update it at regular intervals in order to get rid of harmful viruses and malwares on your system
  3. Avoid errors while unzipping archives or compressing the files using WinZip