Software to Recover 3GP Files from Memory Card

3GP is a multimedia container format which is defined by Third Generation Partnership Project for multimedia services. It is widely used across the globe for entertainment and educational purposes. It might be possible that 3GP files stored in memory card or any data storage device get deleted and become unreachable from users. It is quite obvious that you get irritated and opts for reliable tool to recover 3GP files from memory card as soon as possible. Can any suggest?

Remo Recover software is one of the reliable tools available online to restore deleted or lost 3GP files from memory card. Apart from memory card, you can also employ this software on hard drive, external hard disk drive, flash drive, USB drive and so on. It supports 3GP video recovery from different file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, etc. The software is capable in recovering MOV files, MPEG files, MP4 files and several other video file formats. It is available online so download and launch the application on your system to perform 3GP video recovery in few simple steps.

Some of the common reasons for deletion of 3GP files

  • Virus or malware attack
  • Use of unreliable application
  • Unintentional deletion of video
  • Bad sectors or file system corruption
  • Accidental use of Shift+Delete command
  • Formatting or reformatting of memory card

Under such severe condition, you are looking for third party tool to retrieve deleted 3GP files from system. Remo Recover software can be implemented in above mentioned scenarios to overcome the issues without any error. It is 100 percent safe and secure in recovering 3GP videos from memory card as well as from other data storage device.

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • It can be downloaded, installed and launched on all the versions of Windows and Mac based system. With the use of this software, you can easily overcome the scenarios for deletion of 3GP video files from memory card.
  • The software allows user to recover 3GP files from different types of memory cards such as SD card, XD card, SDXC card, SDHC card, MicroSD card, MiniSD card, MMC card, CF card, etc. Using this program, you can also recover files from hard drive, external HDD, USB drive and so on.
  • You can restore files on desired location i.e. in internal or external storage device. It allows users to search recovered videos according to file names, file types, file size, etc. Technical support executive is available anytime in case of difficulty while recovering 3GP files from card.

AVI File Repair Software

Not able to play AVI video files?

AVI is a primary file format that is supported by many popular digital gadgets. However, AVI files gets corrupt and remain in broken state due to codec issues or any unknown reasons. Because of this, media player cannot play such corrupt AVI videos and there comes a need to repair AVI file with the help of advanced AVI file repair tool. One such tool is Remo Repair AVI that will fix damaged, corrupt or broken AVI files safely and easily in just few minutes. Along with AVI file, this tool also repairs DIVX and XVID videos effortlessly.

Repair AVI file with Remo Repair AVI tool

It may be a damaged AVI video after attempting to convert its file format or may be corrupted AVI video file due to virus attack or even an incomplete downloaded video file, Remo Repair AVI program works efficiently in repairing AVI files along with a perfect synchronization of audio-video streams. The steps involved in fixing AVI file is so simple that any individual with less technical knowledge will be able to fix AVI videos on their own.

Know more about Remo Repair AVI File

  • Fixes damaged, corrupted AVI videos that do not play properly on any media player and make them healthy playable video in just few clicks
  • It works in read-only mode so the original quality of AVI video file is retained even after fixing its issues
  • AVI files throwing various error messages will be repaired at an ease
  • Easily fix AVI videos stored on different storage devices such as hard disk, USB drive, memory cards, pen drive and many more
  • Using its free demo version, you can preview the repaired AVI file prior buying the software
  • Users can negotiate any queries related to repair process and tool with our technical support team which is available 24/7

Common instances for opting Remo Repair AVI software

If your AVI videos gets corrupt or inaccessible due to any reasons, then AVI file becomes unplayable. In some cases, it may throw error messages when you try to play it. In such situations, you can make your precious video playable again only by using Remo Repair AVI utility. Below are the few reasons for unplayable AVI videos:

  • Damaged AVI index: AVI index is usually used to store details of every AVI videos. If this index gets damaged, then you cannot play the AVI file.
  • Incompatibility issue: If media player version is outdated, then there can be incompatibility between media player and codec of AVI file. When you try to play AVI file on an outdated player, it may cause damage to you video and make it unplayable.
  • Untrustworthy compression tools: Often, users tries to compress AVI video using some third party app when AVI video is of large size. As a result of this, your video file might get damage and throws errors.

Safety measures:

  • Always backup your precious AVI videos on some external devices
  • Do not use any third party application to compress AVI files
  • Regularly update your media player and make use of good players to play your AVI videos
  • Install good antivirus software on your computer


Repair CamStudio AVI File

“My system immediately turned off when I was recording some tricks that I noticed on my Windows desktop using CamStudio. I don’t know what happened to the created AVI file. However, when I tried to play AVI file its showing an error message. Can anyone please recommend me how to fix CamStudio AVI without modifying the source file contents? Is there any useful method, please let me know, Thanks in advance!”

CamStudio is one of the outstanding tool which is mainly used for capturing screen and audio activities of your computer. This excellent program has the potential to create AVI video of the recorded file. All the videos recorded using CamStudio are stored in AVI format and you have an option to convert output AVI video to any other standard video format during the recording process. But, there are numerous reasons where the recorded CamStudio AVI file can get corrupted and result in inaccessibility. The best way to fix CamStudio AVI file is make use of Remo Repair AVI tool that resolve the problem and make them playable within fraction of minutes.

Some possible reasons that damage CamStudio AVI files

Virus Malware attacks: CamStudio AVI files might get corrupted due to dreadful viruses like Worm, Trojan horse, etc. that enters your Windows system while downloading CamStudio app from Internet.

Incompatibility: Using faulty compression applications to encode and decode AVI video or unsupported codec leads to corruption of AVI file created on CamStudio.

Malfunctioning of CamStudio: Interruptions like sudden closing of CamStudio program or abrupt shut down of system due to power surge while creating AVI video can corrupt that video.

Hard Drive Issues: If the hard drive holding AVI file contains huge amount of bad sector or due to any logical error having corrupt file system then AVI videos recorded with CamStudio may get corrupted.

CamStudio AVI files on Windows PC may become inaccessible or unplayable in the above mentioned issues. However, no need to worry just opt Remo Repair AVI utility to fix CamStudio AVI file with simple process.

Fixing AVI files created on CamStudio


Remo Repair AVI an award winning software is very useful when there is a need to fix CamStudio AVI on Windows PC. This application is inculcated with powerful repairing algorithms that allows you to repair AVI video files recorded on CamStudio without altering its source file. Apart from fixing CamStudio AVI files, you can also fix DIVX and XVID video files that are damaged due to any reasons. This AVI repair program can be installed very easily on various versions of Windows OS.

Amazing features of Remo Repair AVI tool

  • Easily repair CamStudio AVI files that are corrupted due to frequent conversion of the video file formats.
  • Using this utility you can fix unplayable AVI video on smart phone and MP4 player and even AVI file with synchronization error can be repaired.
  • This AVI repair tool repairs AVI files stored on various storage devices including hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, pen drives, FireWire drives and so on.
  • Trial version of Remo Repair AVI is available in order to evaluate the efficiency of the repairing process before actually purchasing the application.
  • Preview option helps the user to view the fixed AVI file prior buying the licensed version of the toolkit.
  • Save recovery session option is very useful to avoid re-scanning of the drive.

Method(s) to fix CamStudio AVI

Affordable utility to repair AVI video file, just download Remo Repair AVI application on your Windows system by using Admin account. After installing the program successfully, launch the tool then from the first window screen select the corrupted AVI file with the help of Browse option. Once the specific AVI video file has been selected, hit on ‘Repair’ to begin the repairing process. As soon as the repair process gets completed, you can preview the repaired AVI and then save it to any host accessible location.

Best tool to Repair AVI Files on Mac

Out of many kinds of video files one of the most commonly used video file formats is AVI. This file format is derived from the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) and comes with file extension of .avi. It is most popular video file format which has audio streams and video streams separately in a single file, which named extension as Audio Video Interleave (AVI) and runs on different OS based systems such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac and supports almost all popular web browsers.

Losing these AVI videos from Mac systems can be more frustrating, especially when you do not have a backup of these video files. You can’t even recognize what went wrong and why these AVI files went to unplayable state. Strictly speaking, there are many factors effecting AVI files damage which include reasons like

  • File Type Conversion: While converting AVI movie files to other file format, if any sort of interruption occurs like sudden power failure, abrupt system shutdown, etc. then there could be chance that AVI movie file corruption and finally leads to unplayable in any media player.
  • External Threats: Severe virus or malware attack is one of the most common reasons behind AVI movie file corruption. Generally, these viruses enters into the system via internet or infected removable devices and makes AVI movies unplayable.
  • Codec Issues: It is a system program supports for playing AVI movie files. There are different Codec’s which supports different AVI files for encoding and decoding AVI files, if codec gets corrupt due to logical glitches or unforeseen reasons then are incapable to play AVI movies on any media player.
  • Other Causes: Header corruption, improper downloads, sudden power failure, hard drive crash, software malfunctioning, abrupt termination of system while playing AVI movie file, bad sectors, etc.

When an AVI file is found as corrupted,  don’t worry; because just by making use of reliable corrupt file fixer software like Remo Repair AVI Mac you can easily get rid of damaged \ broken files and fix AVI on Mac with few clicks of mouse.

Why to make use of Remo Repair Software?

AVI Video Repair tool by Remo fixes AVI files that cannot be played on Mac system. The software identifies the errors and fixes damaged video quickly, regardless of the extent of damage. It extracts the data from broken AVI file, separates the video audio streams and repairs them simultaneously, and finally joins them together to render a healthy AVI file that can be played on any Mac operating system.

Characteristics of Remo Repair AVI: 

  • Offers you with great set of user interface using which you can easily accomplish the repair task.
  • Using this renowned tool you can repair most of the errors that are associated with damaged AVI file.
  • After successful repair of the damaged AVI file you can use it in major operating system of Windows and Mac.
  • It is built-in with powerful algorithms which make it feasible to quickly finish the task of repair within minutes.
  • Apart from AVI file format it has the ability to repair corrupt video file of different format like XVID and DIVX.

NOTE: Trial version of the product allows you to preview the repaired AVI file, by this one can get satisfied about the product before purchasing the software.

Don’t do:

  • Don’t try to play on different media players.
  • Don’t try to change file types.