Disabling Mac System Integrity Protection

The recent versions of Mac OS X include the System Integrity Protection (SIP) that a number of users enable on their device. It is actually a kernel level feature that limits the root account. A root account is the one that can access your entire Mac operating system and is present in the system by default. Being a root user you can set the permissions, access, delete, and modify the files. Nonetheless, if any malware programs gain control over the root permissions then the operating system files are affected.

Nevertheless, as you specify the password in the security dialog, you give the root permissions for an application.  The SIP works by restricting the root account on Mac. The kernel OS checks over the access for root users and restricts certain actions. For instance, you will be not allowed to modify the protected locations in the system.  Moreover, almost all the kernel extensions must be signed; you won’t be able to disable the SIP within Mac just like that. Even so, if you attempt to write to it then you will see any of these directories – /bin, /usr, /system or /sbin. You won’t be able to mount and you would eventually see a message that says- Operation not permitted.

Disabling System Integrity Protection

It is actually not recommended to disable the system integrity protector on your Macintosh. If it is to deal with malware threats and other bad/unauthentic program that is causing troubles then you may have to go for it. So, until and unless you do not have any specific reason do not intend to disable the system protection.

The System Integrity Protection is not found in the Mac OS X but in the NVRAM. The modifications can be done in the recovery environment. Boot the Mac into Recovery environment ( Command + R) and navigate through Utilities -> Terminal and type the command as:

csrutil status           [to check the status]

csrutil disable       [to disable]

if you want to enable the protection again, then use the command as  csrutil enable

Introduction to the Smart Sync Feature in Dropbox

Recently DropBox has introduced the Smart Sync feature to manage your storage space. As work increases, the need for storage space also grows exponentially. So therewith, Smart Sync feature could of great use to you.

With the synching your files to the DropBox Cloud, you will be able to open the files in the same way you open files normally. With Smart Sync tool you can access the files online; without a local copy of the file in your computer. Smart Sync proves to be ideal for the business environment. It provides an effective means to share and access a massive number of files on the desktop. Hereby it eliminates overburdened files in the computer. Dealing with tons of files and sharing with Smart Sync is indeed much smarter.

The Smart Sync in DropBox is unjust like streaming images or videos. It works by synchronizing and lets you open and edit. After editing the file, it is delivered back to the cloud storage. For all these operations to take place you need to have a seamless internet connection. This smart feature eliminates the overhead on the hard drives to store an extensive number of files.

In addition to this, Smart Sync also provides admin controls which may be essential in an organization. It is indeed effective when an admin controls and decides to share between devices and synchronization.  Moreover, when admin adds new members it won’t be an overload to the account or the team folders. Thus, Smart Sync provides much of flexibility in the workplace.

Uninstall Unnecessary Drivers in Windows 10

Windows 10 provides user experience and functionality for a vast collection of devices that are compatible with hardware. Hardware detection is an important part which is supported by driver software. Driver software enables communication with the operating system and hardware components.

Uninstall a Driver

Drivers are used to run programs which take help of hardware. They can be problematic because, if in case you install a different driver by mistake then Windows Update will continue to download updates related to that specific driver instead of preferred one.

To block that particular driver you need to stop the driver update from being installed. If you roll back installed the driver then Windows Update will automatically install that driver again which checking for updates.

So in order to uninstall an unnecessary driver in Windows 10, follow simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Right click on Start Button of your screen
  • Select Device Manager to launch Device Manager
  • The menu shows two options 1. Uninstall 2. Disable
  • Locate the device whose driver you want to uninstall, right-click it, and select Uninstall
  • Check “Delete the driver software for this device” option and click OK

Windows will easily uninstall the driver software which has been downloaded from Windows Update. After completing this process, one can install fresh driver software as per your requirement.


Tutorial to Rescue your System from Ransomware

My computer is infected by Ransomware virus. As a result of which computer is asking for bitcoins in order to access the files. I want to get rid-off this issue as soon as possible. However, I done system restore but the problem still persist in my computer.

Ransomware is a virus or malware program which install on victim’s hardware. It does not allow user to access data stored in the system and ask to pay in order to decrypt the files. The malware simply locks the data so that it difficult to reverse for even technically sound person. Moreover, it demands money to access files from system. It is really annoying for users when there is such attack on system. Don’t worry, we are here with solution to fix the ransomware issue:

Known Ransomware Programs: CryptoLocker, Torrent Locker, Alpha Crypt, Coin Vault and Bit Crypt

The operating system and type of computer also makes difference. The Ransomware are prone to Windows based system but now it is observed Mac and Android users are also targeted with same issue. In case of Windows, the malware programs affects the MBR (Master Boot Record). However, it is easy to remove some malware but some are tenacious. You can easily remove “ScareWare” malware from system which states that “Your laptop is locked by local police or FBI”. In order to remove such virus from system, first you forcefully close the Brower using task manager. Then run antivirus tool to remove malware programs from laptop.

In case of tenacious malware programs, the Master File Table or entire hard drive gets affected. The MFT (Master File Table) keep the information about all the sectors on the hard drive. It even keeps track of each bits of file stored on which sector. In case the master file table is encrypted then install software to recover deleted files from computer with ease.

Precautions to avoid ransomware attack on system

  • Always install and run reliable antivirus tool on your system. Update the antivirus software at the regular interval so as to minimize the chances of virus infection.
  • Keep proper backup of all files so that you are in winning position. In case of any disaster, you can easily replace the deleted or encrypted file with the new ones.
  • Such problems may be associated with Windows, Mac, Android and Linux systems so be prepared with the backup on all types of computers.

8 Problems which Slow Down your Computer

Let us discuss the 8 problems which slow down your computer and solution to fix it:

Multiple programs running at a same time:

We agree that, we need computer to perform many tasks, but when we perform many tasks at once on your computer then it hinges your RAM which switch processing from one program to other program and so on then your computer becomes slow when you perform multiple programs at a time. So it is better you run one program after another.

Hard drive is almost full:

When your computer hard drive is almost 90-95% full then your computer becomes slow due to insufficient memory so it is better to add the files to cloud and recover data unbootable hard drive. If you have 50 % of free space then you computer won’t become slow while performing operation on your pc.

Browser has too many add – ons:

Usually people think that because of virus or malware issue the system becomes slow but even if you have more plug-in or add-ons which is available for free download on your browser then due to download of more plug-ins your computer become slow so it is better to remove the unwanted add-ons on your browser then your computer won’t become slow.

You have opened many tabs in browser:

When you open a tab and search for particular thing on your browser and same thing you open another tab to search some other thing, similarly when you open many tab on your computer then your browser gets freezes or computer gets slow down when your RAR gets affected due to many tabs starts loading at a same time.

Virus issue on your system:

Virus is the dangerous program which makes program stop to work when it affects your computer. Because of this virus your files and applications present in computer gets infected with virus program and your computer becomes slow. To fix this issue you need to install the antivirus program on your computer and scan the entire system and remove the threads.

Computer is too old:

When you purchase the new computer then your system will be running in speed because of empty drive and new programs but when your computer become very old and still you are use same application then your computer become slow so it’s better to change the computer.

System has outdated drives:

The drives and application which has been installed on your system should be frequently updated time to time, in case you won’t perform it then your computer becomes slow so that you face irritated to work on your system.

Keeping many files on your system:

If you keep on saving many files on your computer system then your hard drive and RAR of the computer become files so that your computer saved few files need by user and transfer the unwanted files to cloud storage device.

These are some issues which slow down your computer by using above fixing method you can run computer without slow down.

Tips to Improve the PCs Performance in Windows 10

Windows 10 Data RecoveryDoes your system work slow? If yes, don’t worry we have list of things that would improve the performance of your PCs in Windows 10. Try one by one and see whether the problem is fixed or not. If not try for next step mentioned below:

Check whether you have latest update of operating system and drivers

Follow below mentioned steps in order to check for latest updates

  • Go to Start > Select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates
  • Check for Update Status do as follows
  1. If it says Your System is up to date, then move to next step
  2. If it says Updates are available and install now. Press install and go to next step
  • Select the update to install on system and Restart the system
  • Check whether system performance is improved or not. If not go for next tip

Restart the PC and open only important applications

Sometimes your system slow down due to the access more applications, browsers, programs and so on. Under such condition, Restart your laptop or PC in order to improve the performance.

Follow below mentioned steps to restart your PC

  • Go to Start > Power button > Restart
  • After system restart, open applications that you needs

Sometimes application on previous versions of Windows that still working on Windows 10 may slow down the system. Run Program Troubleshooter under such condition to cut out such problem.

Follow below mentioned steps to fix compatibility issue

  • Type troubleshooting in the search box and select Troubleshooting which consist of Control Panel below it.
  • Choose Run programs made for previous versions of Windows
  • From Programs Compatibility Troubleshooter, press Next to run.
  • Choose program that is troubling you and select next in order to continue through troubleshooter

Learn About New Technologies that Enables Faster Internet to the World

downloadIn Modern era, Internet is one of the most important inventions. According to recent surveys, only 40 percent of peoples are using internet across the globe. So internet connectivity is important in order to connect entire world with faster and better service. In various continents, RND projects provides internet connectivity though high altitude balloons. It offers high speed and reliability to users across the world all at the same time.MIT’s 330 percent quicker WLAN

Just a couple of months past, researchers at MIT’s engineering and AI research laboratory (CSAIL) declared a breakthrough in new wireless web that’s 330 % quicker and double the information measure of existing technology. Dubbed MegaMIMO 2.0, the technology uses multiple transmitters and receivers to relay information at the same time, increasing the number of knowledge during a given information measure. This development might sometime result in higher, quicker web publicly areas and huge gatherings like concerts and sporting events. The new technology might additionally address the problem of spectrum crunch by distributing information otherwise so backups and congestion on the network merely do not occur.

Project Loon floats balloon-based web access

Long before Facebook launched its own drone to beam web through the sky, Google began Project Loon, an analogous initiative that depends on balloons. The high-altitude internet-equipped balloons area unit designed to unfold property in rural elements of Africa and geographical region, and anyplace else that access is inconsistent. The project gained traction in 2013 once Google approach residents of California’s Central natural depression to volunteer to let the team install associate antenna on their range in order to check the beaming balloons. 3 years and plenty of tests anon many continents, Project Loon (now operational below X, formerly Google X) continues to excellent its internet-beaming technology within the hopes of sometime filling within the empty spots within the information coverage map.

NASA gears up to beam internet in space

During his 340-day mission aboard the International satellite, American spaceman Scott Kelly became somewhat of associate Instagram star, posting jaw-dropping views of the world (and beyond) from his outpost within the stars. So, folks in all probability view as granted the notion that astronauts have web access. In reality, causation information through area is sort of as difficult as voyage itself, however National Aeronautics and Space Administration deployed new technical school to the ISS in 2016 that might eventually be wont to relay web service even farther into part. If Elon Musk and Richard Branson ever realize themselves living on Mars, they will be grateful to the great people at National Aeronautics and Space Administration for creating sure they’ll still tweet from their new homes on the Mars.

Top 10 Innovation Trends to Watch

Recently Ford has unveiled its annual trend report, which if focusing on a look at global “values, attitudes, and priorities.” This report, which draws on research and input from top thought leaders, includes three previous trends that are still relevant even today, as well as for 2017 and after. The auto giant calls this report as “blueprint for understanding how societal shifts are expected to influence brands and their clients or customers.

In this regards, TechRepublic has spoken to Ford’s in-house futurist, Sheryl Connelly, for an insider’s look into what does the trends mean. Here is what you all need to know

Trust in the New Black:

In Ford’s list, the top one is a recycled principal from its very first trend book since 2013:”Trust is the New Black.” In 2016, Ford said that this value holds truer than what it did in last three years. According to Connelly, “mistrust of business, media or government have never gone higher.” She has said that “consumers are really drawn to brands that can distinguish themselves as being trusted brand.” They also value an ability to be engaged corporate citizen and value transparency.

The Female Frontier:

In 2014, Ford has observed that “The Female Frontier,” as “an upsurge in recognition across women and men unlike that rigid gender constructs hinder social, culture, and economic development,” according to the report of 2014 trends. Connelly has said TechRepublic that Ford has “always recognized that women have grown in influence in marketplace as well as society at large.” She even added that “one of the most frequently cited statistics made by marketers is this notion that women controls 85% of all their households decision making. When it comes to automobiles, Ford does not build a car separately for men and women.”

Sustainability Blues:

Like previous years, Sustainability remains as important trend for Ford in 2016 also. “From debilitating droughts, water contamination, devastating floods, and disputes, concern for the world’s most precious resource continues to grow, with customers increasingly mindful of their water footprint,” 2016 report says. 2014 report of Ford have noted that it was the “first automotive company to have water strategy” and it is “proud to lead an industry with an ‘A’ rating from the CDP, the world’s only global environmental disclosure agency.

The Good Life 2.0:

Automaker acknowledges that “bigger is not always better, and ownership do not equate with happiness.” The research of Ford shows that “consumers are finding joy in less, where ‘good; encompasses not only possessions, but even values and experiences.” Ford like to tackle these types of issues with one way by continuing and creating more autonomy for consumers. Connelly has noted that “people are losing nearly 160 million hours every year to daily commute and traffic jams.” In order to address this, Ford began “piloting a program with San Francisco for trying to understand bike rentals and shuttle services, packing services, and mass transit, thereby helping that city figuring out how to improve the quality of life for those people who are working in densely populated area.”

Time Well Spent:

In today’s demanding world, punctuality is a dying art and procrastination can be a strength,” in its press release, Ford has said that “There are many ways to rationalize how we spend our valuable time- rather than declaring as ‘wasted’.” In response to this, company has launched its Ford Smart Mobility in the month of January 2016 that will “use innovation to take it to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, consumer experience and bug data.

Along with the above discussed 5 innovations, there are five more innovative trends listed in this fourth annual report of Ford includes Tech Spiral, Championing Change, Decider’s Dilemma, The Parent Trap, and Community Ties.

Mac’s CloudMagic Helps To Manage Your Email

You might be thinking which the best email app is for iOS is. Then, you are in the right direction here you will get solution for your problem. CloudMagic almost took two years to make an impression on 3 million users and gain the title of best email apps for iOS device. Presently, the CloudMagic team members want to develop an email app for Mac. The developers spent nine months to develop the CloudMagic for Mac is accessible from the App Store of Mac.best email app for ios

From the previous version release of Mac iOS, it took the successful and effective objects. The main intension is to provide users worldwide, a intuitive action, design should be lightweight and the first priority of the company is to give user friendly interface that aid you to navigate easily your email inbox.

The best email app CloudMagic for iOS is free and for Mac the price is $ 20. This app is compatible with different types of email service provider such as Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, Yahoo Mail, Office 365 and many more. Additionally, Handoff is also supported by the CloudMagic so you can easily switch forward and backward between checking email on your Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone.

CloudMagic is best email app for iOS

  • It has email composer which distraction free for Mac Hitting the Reply secure brings another, clean window with a striking feature measured headline. It feels like creating a blog entry on Medium. The CloudMagic group brags that they did not simply plan just for composing mails. It ought to motivate you to compose anything, whereas answering to messages on iOS iPhone device requires being quick and clear, but on our Mac we can bear to be more mindful.
  • CloudMagic for Mac has a few instinctive activities that make overcoming your inbox a breeze. For instance, just by moving you mouse cursor or clicking over the gray area in the CloudMagic iOS mobile apps it will automatically bring back into your mail inbox. You can likewise choose different messages for mass authentic, erasing mails, or marking unread mails as read by tapping on an email’s checkmark.
  • In CloudMagic app, you will get the key feature i.e. absent from CloudMagic is integration of third party application. It also gives you an option to activate smart card and integrate all your mails with other famous tools that includes, Asana, Zendesk, Evernote, Todoist, OneNote, etc.

Microsoft’s new OneNote import tool makes it simple to switch from Evernote

OneNote has become one in every of the foremost well-liked note-taking apps as a results of diligence we’ve done to deliver a superior expertise across all platforms, together with Macintosh (4+ rating in Macintosh App Store), Android (4.0 rating), Windows (4.3 rating) and iOS (4.5 rating). We have a tendency to even hear from Evernote fans WHO acknowledge OneNote’s attractiveness however area unit hesitant to create the switch owing to the very fact that everyone their concepts and data reside in Evernote.

Today, we have a tendency to area unit removing this barrier and area unit excited to announce a tool which will assist you import your Evernote notes into OneNote. The OneNote businessperson tool (for Windows initially) migrates all of your Evernote content into OneNote, supplying you with the chance to change to OneNote and have all of your notes in one place, on all of your devices. We’ll deliver the businessperson tool for Macintosh within the returning months.
download (23)
The tool is just out there for the Windows version of OneNote at the instant, however the corporate says it’ll be out there for Macintosh ‘in the approaching months.’

OneNote may be a good bit a lot of powerful than Evernote, particularly on the desktop, thus we will see some users creating the transition. Its main profit area unit the free-form note pages – you’ll be able to write anyplace you wish, together with written notes, voice clips, pictures and video. Notebooks may also be divided into sections and pages, supplying you with an additional layer of organization.

How to migrate your notes from Evernote

To get started migrating your Evernote notes to OneNote, you’ll need:

A laptop with Windows 7 or later. Once your Evernote notes area unit foreign, they’ll set across all of your devices—Mac, iOS and automaton enclosed.

To speed up the migration method, it’s counseled you have got Evernote for Windows put in. register to Evernote for Windows together with your Evernote account and certify your latest notes area unit synced before importation.

To migrate notes from Evernote, a user wants a laptop with Windows seven or later. Once the Evernote notes area unit foreign, they’ll set across all devices – Macintosh, iOS and automaton enclosed. To hurry up the migration method, Microsoft recommends that users have Evernote for Windows install. Users will then register and certify their latest notes area unit synced before importation.

Reasons to visualize out OneNote

Microsoft is devoted to creating OneNote Associate in nursing amazing tool, and it releases regular updates and enhancements. The interface can take time for a few Evernote users to regulate to. However, OneNote’s freeform canvas that makes it straightforward to make transmission notes with digital ink annotations, could alone be value creating the switch.

On a connected note, Centrallo, another note-taking and knowledge organizing service with mobile apps, recently free an analogous Evernote import tool. However, Centrallo user’s area unit restricted to importation one hundred notes unless they buy the premium service that prices $5 a month.