How to Retrieve Shift Deleted Files in Windows 10?

When a file or folder is deleted with Shift + Delete keys from Windows 10 computer, they are not permanently removed from your system. When the files and folders are deleted with Shift Delete keys, Windows simply sets the data files to be unrecognized by changing one character in the file table. It indicates that the deleted files are recoverable with the help of powerful and trusted data recovery tool. Those deleted files are recoverable unless you have not stored any new files in the memory space of the deleted files. So, it is strictly advised to stop using the drive from which the files are deleted and make use of Remo Recover tool to restore shift deleted files Windows 10 PCs.

Tool to recover shift deleted files Windows 10:

Remo Recover is a perfect recovery program to recover shift deleted files Windows 10, as it is safe, powerful, and easy-to-use. This tool enables you to recover files after emptying recycle bin, shift deletion, etc. with much ease. No matter, whether the deleted files are documents, PowerPoint presentation files, excel sheets, videos, images, music files, etc., it retrieves them within a couple of clicks. To recover all these files after shift deletion, all you need to do is, just download and install the free demo edition of this software and run on your Windows system. With its sophisticated scanning algorithms, it scans and recovers all the deleted files in few easy-to-execute steps. Once the recovery process is completed, it allows you to view the recoverable files with its inbuilt “Preview” button

Benefits of using Remo Recover tool:

  1. With Remo Recover utility, one can easily retrieve deleted or lost files from external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, etc.
  2. Supports recovery of files from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, damaged, broken, and inaccessible storage devices.
  3. It can create a disk image of the drive to bypass the bad sectors and recovers the files later to ensure safe and secure data recovery.
  4. Works well with Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, etc.
  5. Save recovery session feature in demo edition avoids you from rescanning your drive again while running the complete version, as by opening recovery session, you can save the recovered files at your desired location.
  6. Restores files from hard drive having file systems like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, and NTFS5

Follow these tips to avoid loss or deletion of data:

  1. Maintain a legitimate backup of the important files and folders, so that in the case of data loss, you can retrieve them from a backup copy.
  2. Before emptying the recycle bin folder, make sure that it does not contain any of your crucial files. And while deleting files with Command Prompt or Shift Delete keys, make sure that you have not chosen important files.

Free Tool to Restore Deleted Files in Windows 10

Have you ever faced a situation wherein you have deleted your vital files from Windows 10 computer that you never wish to lose them? Are you searching for a perfect tool to recover deleted files in Windows 10? Then, read this article carefully till end to learn how to retrieve deleted files in Windows 10 computers. Before learning to get those erased files back, let us know how files from Windows 10 hard drive gets deleted

  1. Deleting the files using Shift + Delete keys results in permanent deletion of files from Windows 10. Selecting and deleting few significant files while deleting unwanted stuff using Shift Delete option in bulk leads to files deletion
  2. At times, when one of your logical drive is infected by virus and you want to format the drive. By mistake, you may select some other drive and hit format option
  3. When you delete large sized files and folders that is larger than the size of recycle bin folder, then that particular files and folders bypasses the recycle bin and gets deleted permanently
  4. Deletion by third party tools like anti-virus tool is the other main cause behind data loss. At times, when you scan your computer with anti-virus tool, and this tool automatically deletes infected files, junk files without giving any intimation
  5. Interruptions like sudden power outage or abrupt termination of the system while transferring files from computer to the other device or vice versa can also result in deletion of few files

The above mentioned reasons are only few, but still there are plenty of known or unknown reasons behind deletion of precious files from Windows 10 computers. If you come across any of these circumstances, need not worry, because you have many advanced featured data recovery tools to recover deleted files in Windows 10

Remo Recover software – to get back deleted files off from Windows 10:

Remo Recover is a perfect and reliable tool among several tools that restores deleted as well as lost files and folders on Windows 10 computers. Its amazing data recovery algorithms helps in performing depth scanning of your Windows 10 hard drive and recovering files from it. It recovers more than 300 types of files including videos, audios, images, word documents, PowerPoint presentation files, games, spreadsheets, system or program files, etc. Moreover, the trial version of the software is available for free download, just download and execute it on your computer. Once the trial version completes the scanning and recovery process, permits you to view the recoverable files in either File Type View or Data View, with its in-built Preview button. To save the recovered files at your desired location, just activate the complete version of the tool. Please follow the link to watch complete video that helps you in recovering your Windows 10 files by using this software

More about this tool:

  1. Well compatible with all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Vista, XP, Windows 7, Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, etc.
  2. Easily restores deleted and lost files from different kinds of storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, memory sticks, USB flash drives, and many more
  3. Supports data recovery from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions, and also from varieties of files systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, and NTFS5 partitions
  4. Retrieves files from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, damaged, and crashed storage drives
  5. Allows you to sort the recovered files based on various file attributes like file name, file type, size, and date of creation

Points to remember:

  1. Never save any new files on the drive from where your files are being deleted or lost. So, once your files gets deleted, immediately stop the further usage of the drive to avoid overwriting of files, as it reduces the chance of data recovery
  2. Backup all your needful files and folders on some storage device. It is even better to have two or more copies of all the important files and folders on different storage devices
  3. Protect your computer from external threats like viruses and malwares with suitable and updated anti-virus tool

Software to Recover Lost Files from Fatal Memory Card

Hello Friends!!! I have 2GB memory card in my smartphone. Yesterday, due to certain reason I am unable to access data from card. It is having error like “Media Storage Device Cannot Be Accessed due to Fatal Error”. Now I want to get back files from memory card having fatal error. Can anybody suggest reliable tool to know how to recover memory card fatal error in a reliable way?

Remo Recover is an advanced tool used to perform memory card fatal error recovery in few simple steps. You are able to install and launch this application on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. With the application of this programs, you can easily perform data recovery from memory card having different file systems such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, HFS and so on. You can search recovered files from list according to different file signatures such as file name, file type, file size and file date. It is available online so that users can purchase and recover lost files from memory card which are lost due to fatal errors.

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • Compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and Mac based machines.
  • Recover different file formats such as media files, compressed file, document files, PDF, Photoshop files, etc.
  • Save Recovery Session is one of most important features that allows user to resume recovery process.
  • Sort out recovered files from memory card having fatal errors according to deferent file signatures.
  • Technical support is available to guide users while recovering files from memory card. You can easily contact support team through emails and phone calls.

Steps to Perform Memory Card Fatal Error Recovery

Step I: Download, install and launch Remo Recover software on Windows or Mac PC to perform data recovery from memory card having fatal errors.

Step II: From main screen, choose “Recover Drives” and then select Partition Recovery in order to recover lost files from fatal memory card in few steps.

Step III: Press Next button and choose particular memory card from which you want to recover lost files. Again press Next button to start drive scanning.

Step IV: With the completion of drive scan, you have list of recoverable files appear on screen. Choose important files and tab Preview button to test the performance of software.

How to Recover Files Infected by Shortcut Virus Programs?

Hello Friends!!!! I am using Windows system at my office. Yesterday, I downloaded few documents through internet. But when I open that file it become shortcut as result of which I am unable to read data. It really horrible situation for me as few important files stored in drive also get corrupted and become shortcut of that file. I want to restore files infected by shortcut virus as soon as possible. Can anybody suggest how to recover files infected by shortcut virus?

Remo Recover is an advanced tool to perform data recovery from drive which is infected be virus. This software can be installed and launched on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system. With the application of this software, you are able to recover media files, compressed file, Office document file, Photoshop file, etc. You are capable in recovering files infected by shortcut virus from hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB drive, etc. You can get this software online to recover deleted   files infected by virus or malware programs. Using this software, you can also recover files deleted by Kaspersky antivirus, Norton antivirus, AVG tool, Avira tool, etc.

Reasons due to which files get infected and become shortcut

Such scenarios occur usually as a result of files become inaccessible and user opts for reliable tool to recover corrupted files. It happens when system is connected to infected device or downloading content from authorized sites. As a result of which virus entered into the drive and corrupts file stored in computer. Virus infection or malware program become responsible for shortcut files appear in drive. You can easily employ Remo Recover software to overcome above mentioned reasons for shortcut files in computer.

Steps to Restore Files Infected by Shortcut Virus

Step I: Download Remo Recover software on your Windows or Mac based system. Launch the application to perform data recovery of shortcut files appeared due to virus infection.

Step II: Choose “Recover Files” option from main screen and press “Recover Deleted Files” if you have formatted drive due to virus infection or press “Recover Lost Files” to restore lost files due to shortcut virus.

Step III: Select drive from which you want to recover and press next button to start recovery process. Once you press next button, the software starts scanning entire drive and presents recoverable file on screen.

Step IV: Choose important files and tab Preview button to test the performance of tool. You are able to restore recovered files on desired location i.e. internal or external data storage device.

Simple Tips for Recovering Cut Files

“Hi, can anyone help me out to recover cut files on my system? Actually, today morning while moving some files from D: drive to E: drive using cut and paste method, suddenly my system got shutdown due to power outage. Later, when power came back, I turned on my system, but I was shocked as I could not find a file which I was about to move when my system got shutdown. That file was very important and even I could not find its backup. Please can anyone help me out ASAP? Thank you…!”

The problem mentioned above is common issue that most of the users face while moving files from one location to other or from one device to other device. After such unexpected thing happen, don’t be worried because recovering cut files has become easy now with the assistance of one of the best professional data recovery software i.e., Remo Recover tool. Before going to know how to restore cut files using this software, let us know some scenarios leading to deletion of files.

  1. Abrupt ejection of USB drive from the system while transferring files from computer to USB drive or vice versa using cut and paste method
  2. Sudden system shutdown due to power outage while moving files from one partition to the other partition of your system can lead to deletion of file
  3. Various tools are available in the market in order to improve file transfer speed. Usage of unsecured software to cut paste your files can result in deletion of the files

How to Recover Cut Files?


Remo Recover is gaining much popularity among many data recovery tools that can easily recover cut files from hard drive in few clicks. It has an ability to restore cut files from hard disk, pen drive, external hard drive, flash drive, and many more devices. By downloading and running its free demo version, you can test the performance of the tool before you go for purchasing. Demo version, with its advanced scanning technology scans your system, recognizes and recovers any type of files including word documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, images, videos, and many more that are deleted or lost due to cut and paste operation. Then, it allows you to preview the recovered files in File Type View or Data View.

Key Features of Remo Recover Utility:

While using demo version saving recovery session option helps you in saving entire data recovery process, thereby you can resume with this saved session using open recovery session option after you purchase the licensed edition of the tool. This software is compatible over different versions of Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, 7, XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, etc. It has an ability to recover lost and deleted files from formatted, reformatted, corrupted partitions. It supports different types of hard drives such as PATA, SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc.

Recover Files Lost in Cut and Paste

18fbq57xueh4rjpgHave you lost files due to unsuccessful cut and paste option? Due to which huge data lost from hard drive. It is really heart breaking situation for users when files are lost from drive. Can anyone suggest third party tool to recover files cut files in pitch perfect way?

Remo Recover software is an advanced tool to retrieve files with ease. This software is capable in recovering files from hard drive, memory card, USB drive, flash drive, etc. You can easily implement this software on all the versions of Windows based system. This software is free from all sorts of harmful virus and malware programs so that you can use this tool any system. It is available on website for free so download and recover cut files with few simple steps.

Benefits of Remo Recover Software

  • Easily installed on all versions of Windows and Mac based system
  • Recover 300 files types including media file, document file, archive file and many more
  • Software can be implemented under various scenarios for deletion of files
  • Search recovered files from list according to different file signatures
  • 24X7 technical services is given to users while recovering files lost due to cut and paste option

How does this software recover cut files? 

If system is turned off suddenly due to power failure while copying cut files then there is high possibility for data loss. In such severe condition, data is deleted from system but the drive contains information about the file. Remo Recover tool scans the drive and get back lost files in few simple steps. You are able to restore files with the licensed version of this tool.

Steps to Recover Cut Files from System

Step I: Download Remo Recover software on your PC or laptop to recover lost files due to cut and paste option. Then install the application on Windows or Mac PC.

Step II: Launch the application then you have three options available on min screen. Select appropriate choice from the given option. In order to recover lost files due to cut and paste option press Recover File button.

Step III: Then select Recover Lost file from two options given on screen. The software provides option to choose drive from which you want to recover lost file. Select particular drive and press next button.

Step IV: Once you press next button, the software starts scanning entire drive and after few seconds you have lists of recoverable files. Select the file from the list and press next button.

Step V: You can also preview the recovered files lost due to cut and paste option. Then save recovered files on desired location. To know more information about this software, refer this link:

How to do Cut Files Recovery

Cut Paste and Copy Paste are the things we do all the time regardless of the files. Did you ever imagined that a file once cut was now lost while browsing for that file? Of course there is possibility that you can lose your important files if you carelessly do cut pasting. Remo Recovery helps in recovering the files lost during cut process in a simple and yet the powerful way.

recover cut filesRemo Recover allows its user to use its software to the full extent, so that the user will be capable of recovering the files safely. Just follow the following link to learn more about the software:

The software is specialized in

  • Recovering more than 280 file types including documents, spreadsheets, compressed files etc such as DOCX, XLS, and ZIP.
  • Ability to determine the file system of the hard disk and acts accordingly. This assures that the data is safe with the software as it follows different mechanisms for FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and ExFAT file systems.
  • Restoring cut files while trying to move them from or to the USB pen drives, memory cards, external hard disk drives, etc.
  • The files recovered after unsuccessful cut can be compressed to save the disk usage space.
  • It’s simple and neat interface allows anyone to recover cut files from almost any physical hard drive connected to the computer installed with Remo Recover and the view is similar to the one we are using i.e., Windows Interface

Some fruitless Cut Paste Scenarios

  • Unplugging the USB hard drive or pen drive while moving them using Cut Paste is really painful because the data will be gone as soon as it is unplugged. When it comes to Cut Paste, we do it actually for the external disk drives.
  • Using and allowing access to the unreliable third party tool to move the files from or to the computer will lead to lost files.
  • Unexpected shutting down of windows or any power outage will be the major cause specifically while trying to move it with Cut Paste command.

Always keep it in mind that you should not try to do anything with the drive you want your cut files back from.

How to Recover?

The installation of the software is easy and a cakewalk for you to do. After installing, you have to select Recover files and then Recover lost Files button. This will guide you to a screen where you will be presented with the drive to choose where you Cut the files. It will then proceed with the scanning and gives you the result screen in a hierarchical structure. You can be able to select the group of files and folders or individual files. If the drive is too large, you can pause the scanning process of the disk and can save the recovery session and resume it at your own convenient time. So it splits the complex process into easy ones. Also this saves a huge amount of time scanning the drive over and over again.

You need full version to use the full functionality of the software i.e., saving the recovered files on the disk.

Trash Recovery Mac

“I am using my Mac system since a long time. I am very cautious while dealing with data in my Macintosh like deleting, moving, transfer of data etc. So I never use to check the Trash before emptying it. Likewise yesterday also I emptied my Mac Trash without checking the contents in that. But later I found that somehow few important files are missing from my Mac machine and were shifted to Trash. I am stucked now and I want to recover files deleted from trash. Is there any solution to for this problem? Please share it with me, will be waiting for someone’s reply.”

Apple machines are most popular and are much used computers around the globe. Every time they come up with very unique and best features and applications to satisfy their users. People can store different types of files so that they can access, share, transfer in their systems. It provides a data repository for deleted files if any unexpected or unwanted deletion occurs.

Trash is a special folder where deleted data will get stored so that you can restore the data whenever you find them useful. But what if you have emptied the Trash itself? This is what exactly happened to you. Never worry; there is a way to get out of this data loss scenarios. Yes, you are reading it right! You can rescue the data from the emptied Trash by using data recovery tools.

What happens when a file is deleted from the system permanently?

Whenever you empty the Trash Bin, the files residing in it are lost permanently. But still there is a way to retrieve those deleted trash files but the only thing you must act firstly is stop writing into the hard disk. When a file is deleted from the disk, the index of the file is erased but not the actual file itself. The file will be still intact inside the drive. So making it as an advantage, data recovery tools will get back the deleted files from the Trash.

Tool to recover deleted files from Trash:

A perfect utility like Remo Recover Mac will find the deleted data from your Trash Bin and restores all the files without altering the original content. The tool is built with a deep scanning technology that rigorously scans each and every part of the drive which guarantees you file recovery.

Features of Remo Recover Mac:

  • Retrieves files of several types like word documents, spread sheets, excel sheets, presentations and also any kind of media files.
  • Also recovers data from external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards.
  • Gives the preview of retrieved files so that user can evaluate the recovered files and can go for the licensed version.
  • Recovered files can be viewed in two type of views namely ‘Data Type View’ and ‘File Type View’.
  • Rescues data from HFS, HFS+, ExFAT based hard drives.
  • Restores files even after time machine backup failure.

So simply download and install the demo version of Remo Recover Mac which will take you to the home screen of the recovery tool. Just go through the few clicks which come over the screen. Within no time you will be able to preview the recovered files from Trash. If you are satisfied with the displayed results you can go for the licensed version in order to gain full access of your retrieved files.

Simple Steps to Restore iPod Nano Deleted Files

“Recently I purchased brand new iPod Nano 2nd generation. I stored many my childhood and family photos in it. This morning while previewing some images I mistakenly deleted one of the picture folder on my iPod Nano, and I don’t even have back up of those files. I want to restore them back. Is it possible? Please help me out to recover deleted files from iPod Nano”

Ohoo !! so sad.. Just relax my friend, the thing is deleted files still exist on you iPod Nano but they are just marked as inaccessible by the system. But I have to admit Apple iPods Nano is its best. Now lest us talk about deleted files on you iPod Nano. Recovering of such files is quite easy, but only if you have not added any new files to the same devices from where you have lost your important files and willing to recover. Because adding new files will overwrite the deleted ones and thereby decreasing the recovery chances.

There are lots of recovery programs available in the internet. Guess you already have gone through!! Still deciding which recovery tool to use? Don’t worry, here is one such software which will help you out recovering deleted files from iPod nano in few mouse clicks. The name of that software is Remo Recover.

  • It is trustworthy and highly recommended by the industrial experts
  • Free Demo version of this software is available
  • Facilitated with the “Preview” option to view recovered files before restoring onto your computers
  • Supports Windows Operating System and all its major versions such as, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other earlier versions

This URL gives you the clear cut idea on Remo Recovery process:

File Deletion Scenarios:

  • Sometimes you may unknowingly delete some important files rather than deleting unnecessary files causes loss of files from iPod Nano device.
  • Formatting iPod Nano storage device in order to maximize storage space on the device, without taking the backup of the files will results in erasing the files from iPod nano.
  • While transferring files from your iPod to your System or vice versa, instead of selecting “send to” option you might accidentally select “delete” option, which results in deletion of entire files present on your iPod nano device.
  • If the file system of the iPod Nano storage drive is corrupted, then you may get different error messages while accessing the data. As a result of this, you cannot access files stored in iPod Nano which in turn lead to deletion of files.

Files may be gets deleted due to any of the above mentioned reasons, but no need to worry about it. Using Remo Recover Tool, anyone can easily recover deleted files from iPod Nano with utmost ease.

Prominent Features of Remo Recover Software:

Remo Recover is designed with powerful scanning algorithm which help you to recover deleted files    from iPod nano in a short interval of time. It is having user friendly graphical interface help you to recover deleted, lost or formatted files on your iPod Nano device in simple four steps. It recovers all different types of files like photos, audios, videos, documents with different file formats such as JPG, MPEG, JPEG, GIF, NEF, CRW, CR2, ARW, PPT, PST, PSD, PDF, XML, and many other files in a couple of easy steps.


Remo Recover allows you to recover deleted files from SCSI, SATA, PATA, ATA, IDE hard drive interfaces having FAT, FAT12, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems. It not only recovers deleted files from USB but also help you restoring deleted files from other external storage devices as well, such as Pen drives, floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, Memory cards like SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, xD, and many others. This recover toolkit is application to all iPod Nano generations.

How to Recover Permanently Erased Word Documents?

Let’s learn a reliable way of recovering permanently deleted Word docs from your Windows based PC or any of Windows supported storage drives. All you need to do in order to retrieve permanently deleted Word files is, just make use of Remo Recover tool and instantly start restoring permanently erased Word files. Continue to read in order to know more about file deletion on Windows based systems and learn how to recover permanently deleted Word document with the help of Remo Recover tool with high success rate.

How to restore permanently deleted Microsoft Word documents?

Follow this detailed procedure to get back all deleted items from your computer. It’s really easy. Trail along the hyperlink to visit the main site of Remo Recover and download and install the software to your PC from where permanently deleted Word docs are to be retrieved. After installing it, run the application and simply follow the instructions that are displayed on screen which will allow the software to find and locate all Microsoft Word documents. You can preview all permanently deleted Word docs and save them back to your PC using the full version of the software.

Benefitting features of Remo Recover tool:

Some of the most outstanding and benefitting features of Remo Recover are posted below which help you to execute permanently erased file recovery with maximum efficiency and ease:

  • This software, apart from MS Word docs, can recover more than 300 different categories of files from all types of external storage volumes which are deleted or lost
  • Remo Recover has a user friendly and supportive interface and you need not require professional skills to perform permanently deleted file recovery
  • One can make use of the free demo version of this app which is available for free to retrieve and view all recoverable documents
  • Remo Recover tool lets you to retrieve permanently erased files with ease and as well as files which are accidentally removed, emptied from Recycle Bin or are missing from your PC due to any technical reasons

Scenarios that can cause permanently deletion of files in Windows:

Below are some of the most common actions posted that can cause permanent file erasure on your Windows based system:

  • You are moving a file or an entire file folder from an external storage medium to another location and you mistakenly press the Delete button
  • You empty Recycle Bin being unaware of its contents. This will cause those items to get permanently removed from your computer
  • Performing Shift + Delete key combinations on any files or file folders will make those items to avoid the Recycle Bin folder to get permanently deleted
  • Deleting files using Widows Command prompt can also erase files permanently
  • All contents that are being erased from an external media storage volume will get permanently removed as there is no option in external storage drives to keep temporarily deleted files