Cannot Empty Trash on Mac

If you have deleted any of your files from Mac trash then does that mean that the files are lost forever? Well, we would like to clear up your doubt that files are not actually lost from the Trash. They might go to Trash bin which needs extra clicks to get removed. Even if the file is locked or used by another application then also the file won’t get deleted. Here we provide you with handy fixes that will guide you to empty Trash on Macintosh.

Trash Recovery


  1. You should check if the file is in use by any other application, you sometimes get an error stating that File is in Use. Simultaneously try closing all the running apps so that the file is no more being used by any of the apps
  2. If in case you are getting Locked file error then you should press and hold the Option key. Finder > Empty Trash. The use of Option Key indicated the macOS that it should bypass the locked files.

If the above two won’t help you in either way then go on reading the below content as the trick discussed here will definitely work.

Step 1: Turn off the Mac system. Hold Command + R while you are about to start the Mac. Hold the keys unless and until Apple logo appears

Step 2: Mac will now enter the recovery mode. In the top menu bar, you should click on utilities. The drop down appears, where you need to click on terminal

Step 3: Open up the terminal to run command by typing cs0util disable and press return

Step 4: Click on the Apple on the top left and click restart. Now you can empty your trash as usual

This solution will help you to undelete Trash Mac as these tricks have satisfied most of the Mac users. But if in case, anything is found missing from your end then you can take guidance of trusted third party utilities.